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Self-praise is no recommendation so take the word of former workshop participants:

"Best workshop I've been to. Thank you" - CSIRO communicator

"The most useful workshop I've been to in my professional career. Intellectual Property will be the 'new gold' in the Knowledge Economy. Yvette Nielsen opened my eyes to the fact that good online content is a new business commodity." - Kirsty Dixon, Brisbane City Council, Australia

"Great course - I feel inspired again to really improve my web writing" - CSIRO web developer

"I have been involved in web site development for over 10 years and have seen many 'new' developments over the period. One of the most abused issues is content. There are many technologically sound sites on the net that haven't paid enough attention to content. The brizcomm Web Content and E-newsletter courses focus on the content and what mistakes to avoid. These journalistic and marketing skills are in big demand and short supply. Well done, Yvette!" - Danny Anderson, Department of State Development, Qld, Australia

"You've renewed my enthusiasm for the web" - CSIRO communicator

"I attended your workshop on web content several years ago and continue to find the material you presented useful in my role at the Oracle Research and Development Centre. Your workshop provided practical, useful, hands-on information and I have no hesitation in recommending your course." - Tony Obermeit, Oracle, Brisbane, Australia

"Fantastic course - recommend it to anyone interested in web design. 10/10. absolutely great" - business strategist

"Excellent! Incredibly informative...well worth it" - illustrator

"Yvette is a great instructor! Her workshop was jam-packed with information, she presented the information clearly and she has a great friendly manner" - writer

"For once a workshop that get's it right…I have heard many good things about this workshop and it lived up to my expectations" - council project officer

"Friendly, conversational, not intimidating at all. Felt comfortable asking questions and commenting" - project officer

"I still recommend your web-content seminars to anyone I come across that is struggling to come to grips with writing for the web. I found the one I did to be invaluable, not so much for the information you provided as for the new mindset that I gained" - manager, Qld

"I'll never look at a web page the same again" - communications officer

"Better than other courses I've been to (on other topics). I usually fall asleep at some point but not today. Excellent, practical and very relevant" - communication and marketing consultant

"I think these are the most useful handouts I've ever seen!" - educational project officer

"Outstanding, concise, relevant" - personal gift service designer

"Exceeded my expectations, chock-a-block full of information and tips" - executive editor

"Thoroughly enjoyable and of very great value" - writer

"I wasn't sure what to expect. I signed up to satisfy my curiosity about various aspects of writing, and the web seemed to qualify as a category in itself. So if the seminar didn't exactly meet non-existent expectations, it certainly exceeded them. Good show, Yvette!" - writer

"Logical - easy to digest" - PR officer

"Invaluable" - advertising and publications officer

"Well worth the time even for a person working directly in the field with quite a lot of their own experience to add" - content developer

"Can't wait to implement some (all) of the tips you presented" - marketing consultant

"Excellent - small group meant I could ask relevant questions to my situation" - corporate communications manager

"Fantastic (Thank you, Yvette!)" - events and administration co-ordinator

"I think it will be most helpful for my Bachelor of Arts - Communication" - student

"The workshop material was just what I was looking for as I am designing my own site at this time" - writer

"Organised in logical sequence" - office manager

"Detailed in easy to understand terms" - admin assistant

"Well balanced by tutor's experience in the field... good not too slow which is usually a problem with workshops" - project officer

"Excellent, especially URL links and tips" - web developer

"Good value for money" - personal assistant

"Excellent presentation and sharing of knowledge" - writer

"Pacy, informative, fun. I didn't tick all the above (feedback boxes marked "excellent") without thinking about it. Just have to redo our whole site having completed this workshop." - web project management, State government

"Easy-to-swallow, bite-size chunks of really interesting sites, info and advice. Thank you!" - web project manager, State government

"Excellent course - reaffirmation of my own thoughts but lots of new ideas. Really excited about the field...go back to work energised." - web designer and content co-ordinator, local government

"Your knowledge of sites/topic, willingness to go off on tangents to really answer individual questions and friendly manner were fantastic." - corporate writer/editor/trainer

"Glad I came. Certainly picked up valuable tips. Good job - you are definitely in the right direction." - communications officer




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