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Addiction Search
Sometimes the Net can be more of a hindrance than help when you're searching on a subject as massive as addiction. Whether you're seeking help on alcohol or compulsive Internet abuse, narrow your focus with the help of this giant database full of links to research-based, quality information on treatment and prevention, news, statistics and other resources.

In a netshell: Break free.

Reflex Tester
The next time you're about to nod off at your desk, try this quick response test to see how alert (or not) you really are. Just hit thebutton when the background colour changes.

In a netshell: Wake up!

Yoga, a Sanskri word meaning "union", is a 6000-year-old scientific technique for spiritual development. The goal is unification of body, mind and spirit. Learn more at this cleanly designed site where you can view illustrations of yoga postures, discover Pranayama and the seven Chakras, ask questions in the forum, listen to free yoga music radio or download free yoga mp3s.

In a netshell: Simple.

48 Hours
For hot headlines in medicine, stop by this free health-related news service. Find out what's happened on the medical front in the past 48 hours or search for jargon-free information on a range of topics, from dandruff to cardiac bypass surgery. Other goodies include article synopses, audio interviews, simple statistics graphs, chat and links.

In a netshell: Just the facts.

Dot Calm
For a quick fix of calm during a hectic day, visit Dot.calm. Learn ways to calm down, focus and become inspired with a free short audio/video from spiritual guru Deepak Chopra. Follow the links for a free I-Ching or tarot reading.

In a netshell: Take a breather.

The Quackatorium
The next time you're tempted to complain about modern medicine, remember the Quackatorium. This online collection offers "a sometimes penetrating look at antique medical quackery and electrotherapy devices". Creepy equipment on display includes the Radio Disease Killer, galvanic batteries and the Vitapulsar.

In a netshell: Ouch.

Cancer Comic Strip
Laughter is among the best medicines. UK colleague Suzan St Maur (author of Powerwriting and recently diagnosed with breast cancer) has started a humorous web blog about the disease ... “entirely personal, non-commercial, not selling or buying anything”.

Where to get cancer information online
A guide to quality sites on cancer generally and on specific cancers.

National Cancer Institute of the US
This site won a Webby Award for best health site in 2005.

Cancer Council Australia
Australian resources for research, treatment, products, prevention and patient support.

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