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The Meaning of Food
"What we consume, how we acquire it, who prepares it, who’s at the table, and who eats first is a form of communication that is rich with meaning." Explore our relationship with food and life, family and culture through the stories, recipes, photos, quizzes, desktop backgrounds and links on topics from slow food to weird food.

In a netshell: In a net shell: Food glorious food.

The Stained Apron
Never be rude to a waiter or bar attendant, unless you don't care what you're really ingesting. That's the message at The Stained Apron, dedicated to venting food servers' frustrations and educating the dining public. Read pet peeves, confessions, rants, revenge tactics, pilfered restaurant property and celebrity stories.

In a netshell: Scary.

2000 Uses for Peanut Butter
Since 1998, Andy Kerr and Nathan Eady have been compiling the essential list of uses for peanut butter (eye shadow, hair gel to make other people hungry). Why? I don't know.

In a netshell: Sticky.

Know your saki from your sushi? Is it impolite to add wasabi to the dipping sauce? Learn sushi etiquette and tips at the World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference. You'll find sushi restaurants, a glossary and listing of sushi clubs and societies.

In a netshell: Totally sushi.

Cook It Quick
If you’re like 70 per cent of the population, you don’t have a clue what's for dinner until 4pm or later. The University of Nebraska prepared this site with timesaving tips for preparing quick, healthy meals, from organising recipes to cooking with children (as helpers, not ingredients).

In a netshell: Quick sticks.

Fast Food Facts
Find out just how naughty you’ve really been binging on that Big Mac (560 calories) and large fries. Use the interactive food finder to discover the number of calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium in popular fast foods.

In a netshell: Scary.

Need to keep track of whose turn it is to make or buy the tea and coffee? iMadeItLast.com lets you set up an online roster to make sure everyone does his or her share. Just create a team and the appointed drink maker will be emailed (or sent an SMS, for a fee) a full list of all the drinks, sugars, milk and extras. The rest of the team is also notified and sent a score form.

In a netshell: White with none.

A Muse for Cooks
The ancient Greeks had muses to guide painters, musicians, poets and astronomers – why not cooks? If you prefer to cook by instinct than refer to detailed recipes, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for meals, from appetisers to sushi along, with lots of bright ideas (eg dip bacon in cold water before frying, to avoid shrivelling).

In a netshell: Super simple.

Old Aussie Food Recipes
When you're fed up with fast food and frozen dinners, turn your hand to old-fashioned Aussie tucker including Anzac Biscuits, Ice Box Biscuits, Lamingtons, Original Bread Pudding, Aussie Rissoles, Meat Pie, Damper and Fluffy Pikelets. Learn how to make cooking stock pre-1920s style, preserve fruit and vegetables, make soups and suets, or vegetarian foods. Follow the links to learn about Aussie movies, bushrangers, sayings and jokes.

In a netshell: Fair dinkum.

Food Reference
“At a dinner party one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but not too wisely.” Find food-related quotes, facts and trivia, who’s who, humour, poems, recipes, articles, cooks’ tips, links, newsletter and even a culinary crossword puzzle at this tasty resource for foodies.

In a netshell: Fill up.

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