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Cindy Jackson
A small inheritance in 1988 financed Cindy Jackson's dream to become a real-life Barbie doll. She applied the principles of beauty she'd learnt at art school and the basic laws of human attraction to plan her amazing makeover. A little bit of cash sure bought Cindy a whole lot of plastic.

In a netshell: Living doll.

Marquardt Beauty Analysis
Want to see the perfect face? Facial attractiveness has been quantified through mathematics, computers and massive databases of “attractive” faces. View the mathematical computer model from various angles and see examples of people who fit the “golden” mask. Apply the mask to your own photo or learn about the tool’s application to cosmetic makeup, surgery and dentistry.

In a netshell: Skin deep.

Solemates: the century in shoes
They say you can tell a lot about people from their shoes. Step into a multimedia-enhanced journey through foot fashions over the past 100 years. View video clips from various decades as you relive the music, trends, fashion and advertisements of the day (best with Flash).

In a netshell: Sole searching.

My Virtual Model
Create a 3D clone of yourself. Choose your features (body shape, face, eyes, nose, lips, hair style and colour, height and weight in pounds) for a frighteningly real online reflection. Shop with your virtual model at online sites, try on clothing from the virtual collection or get style advice tailored to your body type.

In a netshell: Shopping for dummies.

Dread Head
Dreadlocks are all the rage but you have to know how to do it right. Learn how to create healthy locks with dreading tips and tricks (how to cope with itching, dandruff and bugs), FAQs, photos, links, message board and tutorials.

In a netshell: Dreaded dos.

A Diamond is Forever
Did you know almost 74 per cent of brides go for diamond engagement rings? When you need inspiration for buying or creating an engagement ring, stop by here. This site lets you create your own ring and print it out or save for a year in your own personal online jewellery box. Browse through more than 7500 pre-designed engagement rings. You'll find lots of other great information about diamonds, from gift-giving tips to jewellery care.

In a netshell: Window shopping.

Peter Pan's Home Page
If you thought Peter Pan was safely tucked away in Never Never Land, think again. Peter's actually a 48-year-old computer programmer in Florida. He wears green tights, has his own Tinkerbell and wants to encourage other pixies, elves and fairies to be themselves. The site won a Webby Award in 2001 - in the weird category.

In a netshell: Fairy strange.

The name says it all. eLUXURY is the site to visit after you've won the lottery. Select from designer fashion (eg skin jewellery), exclusive home and gourmet goods, executive toys or luxurious spa and beauty products and experiences. You can also ogle over the prestigious travel, city and gift guides. Shipping is free for orders over $3000.

In a netshell: Lifestyle with a capital S.

The Room
Enter 'the room' to learn more about yourself through your interior-decorating choices. Take the detailed analysis with a grain of salt – or pepper if you prefer. Psychological test or parlour game? You decide (turn up the speakers for strange sound effects).

In a netshell: Room with a view to the mind.

Howard Besser's T-Shirt Database
For fashion inspiration, delve into the T-Shirt Database, built by Howard Besser and students of library science at UC Berkeley. Search through more than 500 T-shirt graphics or display all subjects. Each topic has a thumbnail and full-size images of T-shirt art.

In a netshell: Shirt shots.

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