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For Better Or Worse
For fans of the comic strip.

In a netshell: * submitted by Ian D of Brisbane

Calvin and Hobbes
For fans of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.

In a netshell: * submitted by Ian D of Brisbane

Lists of Bests
You want the best so you can forget the rest. Find the best of lists for books, music and movies in one place plus keep track of which ones you've read, heard or watched. Lists include the BBC's "Big Read: Top 100 books", "the 50 best guy movies of all time", and Q Magazine's "Greatest 100 Albums of All Time".

In a netshell: Shopper's friend.

World of Kitsch
What do Saturday Night Fever, The Village People, inflatable furniture and Michael Caine have in common? They all feature in the World of Kitsch, a home for the fabulously tacky and desirably hideous in objects, music, TV and celebrities. You'll find "kitsch" definitions (originally from the German word for "trash"), quizzes, horoscopes, letters, lists, games, downloads, chats and polls.

In a netshell: Tackorama.

Where’s Michael’s Nose?
Has anyone seen pop star Michael Jackson’s real nose recently? Can you remember what his nose used to look like? Take the test to see if you can sniff out his real snoz from a total of 15 photos.

In a netshell: Nobody nose.

If you hanker for simpler times, enter the world of the souvenir snowdome (or snow globe) and floaty pen collector. Apparently the good ones – the classic moulded, non-perspex style - are hard to find (eBay features more than 700 domes for sale a day). Browse the “better domes and gardens” by shape or style then learn how to care or trade your own domes.

In a netshell: Kitsch collectibles.

Digital Watergun Museum
The creator of this site claims to have the largest collection of water pistols and guns on the Internet. Take a look at a few os his prized specimens including soakers, guns in the shape of animals, handguns and rayguns. Visit the FAQs to discover who invented the Supersoaker, how water guns work and links to manufacturers.

In a netshell: Wet, wet, wet.

If you prefer mummies, wolf-men and vampires to slasher flicks, this site's for you. Horror-wood is an e-zine for fans of classic and cult horror and monster films. Read interviews, movie and DVD reviews, view monster collectibles and toys, or find a few cheap thrills in the articles, including "true" ghost stories.

In a netshell: Enter the spirit.

Guess the TV Show or Movie Name
Think of the name of any movie or TV show and the computer will try to guess which one you have in mind using a series of simple yes/no questions. Amazingly, it works. See how you go.

In a netshell: Spooky.

Elvis at 66
Ever wonder how Elvis would look today? Professors from a Scottish university used facial manipulation software to show how the King would appear on an aged pensioner's bus pass.

In a netshell: All shook up.

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