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The MegaPenny Project
If you have difficulty visualising big numbers, take a look at this site. Start off with a picture of one penny and build up to a trillion. If you can't grasp the penny concept, see how a million cows stack up at MegaMoo. Don't miss the "table of very big numbers" to see how you'd write a novemtrigintillion.

In a netshell: Maths magic.

"I wondered why somebody didn't do something. Then I realised, I am somebody." - source unknown. This site is designed to provide ideas and motivation for busy people who want to make a difference, whether you have three seconds, an hour or a vacation to spare. Follow the links for "virtual volunteering" (eg research, writing, marketing, tutoring, programming and graphics).

In a netshell: Just do it.

Discover how many seconds old you are, your wedding ring size or pretty much any other calculation with a free megaConverter. The site is an ever-growing set of weights, measures and units conversion/calculation modules. Don't miss the megaResources page for jokes and facts.

In a netshell: Bookmark it.

World Bank: Photo Library
This photography library from the World Bank offers more than 500 quality and often moving images (from its collection of 50,000) focusing on global development. Topics include agriculture, health, schools and water issues. Browse the library by entering "guest" in the user name field and "browse" as the password. Search by country, topic, photographer or description.

In a netshell: Another world.

"Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others." - Danny Thomas. GiveSpot.com is a free volunteer and philanthropy resource centre to help you find ways to make a difference in the world. Locate non-profit and charitable organisations, jobs and volunteer opportunities, social issues, fund-raising ideas and "click-to-donate" sites.

In a netshell: Spot on.

Learn 2 Type
As computers touch practically every aspect of life these days, the ability to touch-type is vital. As with multiplication tables, it's really just a matter of practice. Take the test to work out your speed then try the free basic exercises, more complex exercises or games. Read the resources page for hints on preventing injury.

In a netshell: Finger food.


The AE1 - Australia's First Submarine
Delve into the mystery of the submarine that disappeared without a trace in 1914.

In a netshell: - submitted by Peter J Richardson, Brisbane

History Channel: Audio and Video
As more Net surfers take up faster connections, multimedia content becomes more innovative. See and/or hear moments from history including the breaking of the sound barrier, Vietnam war protests, Neil Armstrong, Hitler, Charlie Chaplin and Churchill.

In a netshell: Blasts from the past.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love…so the song goes. We could also use a healthy helping of tolerance. This Webby Award-winning site aims to dismantle bigotry and foster communities that value diversity. Learn the top 10 ways to fight hate, discover 101 tools for tolerance, or take the test to detect any hidden bias lurking in your own psyche.

In a netshell: Live and let live.

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