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High-speed Video Clips
Ever feel as though you're operating on slo-mo? See everyday life as it should be - slooow - through a special high-speed camera giving super slow-motion playback that can't be seen with the naked eye or a standard video camera. Start in the hall of fame with the bouncing rubber ball, exploding egg and bursting water balloon.

In a netshell: Melting moments.

The 3D Body Scanner
When you don't have time to try on new clothes, let your virtual model do the work. That's one of the aims of researchers at Cornell University who are exploring the possibilities of 3D body scans in mass customised apparel, vehicle seating, animations and workout programs (for before and after comparisons).

In a netshell: Perfect fit.

JPEG Resizer
Resize multiple JPEGs (digital photos) in just a few clicks with this fr*ee tool for Microsoft Windows. Advanced features include anti-aliasing, colourisation and selectable JPEG compression factor. Choose between four different resizing methods, specify how resized JPEGs should be named and where they should be stored. Great for resizing high-resolution digital camera images for the Net.

In a netshell: Time saver.

Audit My PC
If you're online, you're at risk. Check your computer's security with a fr*e online security audit and firewall test. Scan all 65,535 ports or choose your port scan range. Follow the links for fixes, the PDA and WAP version, or the reading room for more information on your vulnerabilities.

In a netshell: Port holes.

Hit Lab
Seeing ain't believing at the human interface technology (HIT) labs in Washington and New Zealand. The labs research and develop virtual interface technology. Learn about amazing projects using virtual reality for pain and spider phobia and augmented reality, the overlaying of virtual objects on the real world to enhance face-to-face and remote collaboration. Visit the NZ lab to learn about the magic book and download the software.

In a netshell: Edge of reality.

“If God had intended Man to Watch TV, He would have given him Rabbit Ears.” When you’re lacking inspiration for your sig files (the footer at the end of your email messages), try Siggy. The small downloadable program Siggy adds a random quote (from cryptic to wise) to your email signatures. Works with most email programs.

In a netshell: Dig those sigs.

Battelle Technology Forecasts
“What advances in technology will you see in the next 10 years? Perhaps you will carry your personal computer in your jacket pocket, diabetics will receive insulin, as needed, from an imbedded sensor-delivery system, and store shelves may stock anti-aging creams that actually work.” These are among the possibilities compiled by researchers at Battelle Memorial Institute, which works with government and industry to develop new technologies and products.

In a netshell: Crystal ball.

2002 Best Inventions
Innovation is alive and well, judging by Time magazine’s list of best inventions. Discover the tomato vaccine, dog translator, tooth phone, travel surfboard, and virtual ultrasound. Follow the links for more information, price and where to buy.

In a netshell: Bright ideas.

Energy Star Australia
Save electricity costs and the environment with energy-saving tips from this site. Energy Star is an international standard for energy-efficient office equipment. To help the planet - and your bank balance - buy equipment that complies with the standard (and enable its features). Your equipment will last longer and the office will be cooler and quieter. Try the tips and calculator to see how much you'll save.

In a netshell: Five stars.

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