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Business Plan Ware
Writing a business plan can be a scary but valuable exercise (especially if you're wooing the bank manager or venture capitalists). The free planning tools and guides at this site can ease your pain with a step-by-step template business plan. You can also develop financial projections and business strategies, read white papers or download monthly planning calendars.

In a netshell: Plan to succeed.

Become part of Internet history and enlist your PC in the search for solutions to planet-wide problems. Entropia is free software that activates your computer's idle resources to help find a cure for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's and other diseases or to predict changes in complex systems and protect the environment for future generations. The screensaver is attractive to boot.

In a netshell: Good cause.

Global Rich List
"We are obsessed with wealth. But we gauge how rich we are by looking upwards at those who have more than us. This makes us feel poor." A London creative company wanted to help people understand, in real terms, where they stand globally. To find out, type in your annual income and hit "show me the money". You'll see how you compare with others on the world's rich or poor list.

In a netshell: Relatively rich.

Strip the bull from your business documents with a nifty piece of fr*ee software from Deloitte Consulting. Bullfighter detects meaningless business jargon ("value-based paradigm shift") and suggests clear, readable alternatives. (works on Word documents and PowerPoint presentations in Windows 2000 or XP.)

In a netshell: In a net shell: Bull buster.

Free Agent
Think you have what it takes to break out of the corporate cubicle? Want to work as a consultant, independent contractor, temp, freelancer or soloist? If you have specialised knowledge, experience and the right attitude, you can become a free agent. Take the survey then find out the myths and secrets of going solo.

In a netshell: Born free.

Network on a global scale with the help of Ecademy, “a trusted network for business in the new economy". Membership is f*ee and gives you access to a community of 12,000 members from 105 countries to learn, network and develop your career. Find daily news, e-business companies, reports, training and other related services and products.

In a netshell: Get with the Net.

Improve Your Boss
Tell your boss, client or colleague just what you think of them - and keep your job. This free, anonymous online assessment tool lets you send somebody a score card on his or her personal style, way of communicating, behaviour, and performance as a manager. Just enter their email address and answer the questions then they’ll be sent a link to the appraisal along with resources for lifting their game. After you’ve fixed the boss, try the free “Improve Your Company” survey to communicate your opinions to senior management - anonymously.

In a netshell: Virtual suggestions box.

Entrepreneur’s Start-Up Kits
Fed up with your job? Want to work for yourself? US-based Entrepreneur.com offers easy-to-read start-up kits with industry, market and operations information for more than 40 types of popular businesses, from apparel to personal concierge. You’ll find how-to guides, tips and tactics, advice for avoiding pitfalls, resources, research ideas, business plan help, and links. If you want to take the plunge for real, you can buy the full guide.

In a netshell: DIY career.

Crop Circle Cereal
If you thought crop circles were strange, what about the creators of Crop Circle Cereal. Read their marketing proposal for a breakfast cereal made from wheat grown in fields where crop circles have appeared. See the box, sample ads, merchandise and music.

In a netshell: Nutty tasting.

Find out how great (or not) your advertising slogan is with this free online quiz and useful articles. Just answer 25 questions for a percentage score. See how your ranking compares with famous lines, print out a blank quiz for a brainstorming session or follow the links to the advertising slogan hall of fame.

In a netshell: Words matter.

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