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PageTalk Comedy Zone
Much of the punch in a joke is in the telling. Hear the "audio joke of the day" at PageTalk and, if it made you laugh, email to a friend. Categories include political, sports, computer, legal, medical and miscellaneous.

In a netshell: Heard it?

Cards You Won't See In The Stores
Looking for a virtual Valentine's Day card with a twist? Try Amused.com's "love, lust and get lost" selection. For example: "Don't go away mad. Just go away." Or: "It's better to lose a lover than love a loser." You get the idea.

In a netshell: Straight to the heart.

Terrorists might have taken some of the fun out of air travel but at least you can have a laugh with this parody of airline safety cards. (Warning - some toons are strictly for adult eyes only).

In a netshell: Plane silly.

Flow Go
When you can't find a stamp, send a virtual greeting. Flow Go specializes in f*ree "contagious entertainment" and is the source of many forwarded email funnies. Choose from amusing and inspiring cards, cheeky cartoons, musical animations, parodies, dance pages and other interactive digital "toys".

In a netshell: Cheap thrills.

The Weird Picture Archive
Do not enter this site if easily shocked or offended. This is the online home of the gruesome, grotesque, off and just plain bizarre. Blow your mind with images of the world’s fattest cat, a two-faced kitten, two-headed tortoise and eight-legged lamb. If that’s too much, try the alien section, strange celebrity and sports shots, odd headlines and optical illusions.

In a netshell: Seriously twisted.

Auntie M’s Classic Jokes: Honeymoons
Auntie M has a wicked sense of humour and you should consider packing an extra smile too before setting out on any holiday. See the funny side of honeymooning then peruse the dating, sex, men, women, holiday and dating categories for more laughs. If you’re offended easily, steer clear.

In a netshell: Naughty Auntie.

Gadgets for God
For religious idolatry that pushes the boundaries of religion (and good taste), browse through the goodies on this irreverent site. Hot items include a Biblical beard and wig, ready-filled disposable Communion cups, Twelve Apostles beer mug, Last Supper musical pillow and Sacred Sneakers. In the food aisle, don't miss the Bible gum, Hot 'n Holy Sauce and Testamints.

In a netshell: Good grief.

Customers Suck!
Anyone who has worked behind a counter will relate to this site featuring tall tales and true about customers. Discover the dumbest, grossest, funniest and most irritating things said or done by customers. Learn the nicknames you might be given as a customer, subtle ways of toying with you and the dos and don'ts of being a good customer.

In a netshell: Stories from the front line.

Internet Bumper Stickers
"Follow your dreams - except that one where you're at school in your underwear." Give the world a piece of your mind with a free virtual bumper sticker. Choose from admonitions to sporty one-liners. Stick them in your email, web site, discussion board or lunch. For extra punch, send a musical sticker greeting.

In a netshell: Sticky business.

The Last Sane Cow In England
Going mad? Sit back, relax and let "the last sane cow in England" perform for your amusement. See her wink, blow a raspberry, swap earrings and tap dance. The graphic takes a while to download but only a silly cow would want to load quickly.

In a netshell: A-moosing.

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