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Weird Christmas Traditions
Did you know that people in Poland used to believe that animals could talk on Christmas Eve? Or that Santa in Iceland is more of a joker than a postman, with a different little troll man (some of them evil) for every day of the Christmas calendar? Discover all about weird holiday superstitions.

In a netshell: Yuletide lore.

New Year's Resolutions for Webmasters
Instead of developing resolutions for yourself, how about doing the Net a favour and vow to improve your web site? Resolve to help your web pages lose weight (so they download more quickly), be more interactive (answer feedback), find a better home (domain) or polish your skills.

In a netshell: Web of life.

The Best Christmas Trivia Quiz Ever
Think you know your carols? See if you can guess the correct titles of the cryptic carols listed (eg "Nocturnal timespan of unbroken quietness" is "Silent Night").

In a netshell: Test your nog.

Relate - Tips for the Holiday Season
Christmas can be a difficult time for everyone, particularly if you're having relationship problems. Discover coping strategies for tricky situations including being newly single, blended families, bereavement, long-distance love and a new baby.

In a netshell: Take it easy.

Vegetarian Christmas Recipes
Need an alternative to turkey, chicken, fish or ham this Christmas? How about broccoli cream cheese and pear and almond soup or luxury nut and seed loaf with cranberry, apple and brandy sauce? Dig into the archive for vegetarian recipes from Christmas past or learn the top 10 survival tips for a vegetarian Christmas.

In a netshell: Meat-free zone.

The Easter Bilby
In Australia, the rabbit is a pest and damages the fragile environment. Children's author Rose-Marie Dusting's story about Billy the Aussie Easter Bilby led to a campaign by the Anti-Rabbit Research Foundation of Australia to replace chocolate Easter bunnies with bilbies.

In a netshell: Buy a bilby.

Easter Fun
Little kids will enjoy these three interactive games, complete with sound. Help the rabbit collect as many eggs as he can through the maze, decorate and print a virtual egg or make a funny bunny.

In a netshell: Cute.

Bunnies and Easter Don't Mix
A rabbit is not just for Easter, it's for life. The humane organisation, House Rabbit Society, rescues many abandoned bunnies after the holidays. Contrary to popular belief, pet rabbits are not low maintenance (and they can live for 10 years), they do not like to be cuddled and should live indoors. Read the tragic Easter Bunny Poem and learn how to care for rabbits.

In a netshell: Rabbit proof.

Easter in Cyberspace - A Christian perspective
You won't find any bunnies at this site. "On Easter we celebrate the historical fact that nearly 2,000 years ago a man died, lay in a grave for three days and then got up and began walking around again, telling people that God loves them." You'll find links to religious history, how to make a "tomb egg", articles, traditions, meditations, preaching resources, personal pages, drama and poetry, images and graphics.

In a netshell: Rabbit-free zone.

April Fools Day Jokes, Pranks and Humour
If you loathe April Fools Day nonsense, stay away from this site. Pranksters will enjoy the links to dozens of crank calls, virtual food fights, audio clips, games, emails and other annoyances. Some are cruel, most are juvenile and a few are exceedingly clever.

In a netshell: Foolish.

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