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Mr Nice Likes To Dance
You don't need a great body - or even arms and hands for that matter - to dance. Join Mr Nice, a very nice belly-dancing jelly bean, and give those hamsters a run for their money. Ten seconds should be ample.

In a netshell: Loop de loop.

Hampster Dance 2
Yes, it's silly, it's pointless but what the hell. Punctuate your daywith a dose of interactive hampster dancing. Speed them up, slow them down, drag and drop a hampster whenever you feel the urge or see if you can organise some line dancing to the one beat. School dances were never this much fun.

In a netshell: Hamming it up.

Time Flies
If you're not having fun, try making time fly (works for all PCs butonly on Macs with Netscape).

In a netshell: Time dragging?

Telephone Songs
When you're really, really bored, you could always tap out a few tunes on your phone. You'll find the numbers to "Happy Birthday", "Auld Lang Syne" and "Louie, Louie", among others. Click on "more samples" to learn other totally useless office skills (eg how send an endless fax or make buzzing sounds with your credit card).

In a netshell: Engaging music.

Face Generator
This face transformation tool is cheaper than a facelift and way more fun. Manipulate the facial features of your friends and foes then send the result as a link. Though just for kicks now, potential uses of the Face Generator include optical stores, medical services, legal and police force applications and hairdressing. (Works only in Internet Explorer 4+.)

In a netshell: Face off.

The Colour Text Brain Teaser
If you think you know your colours, think again. The point of this little brain drainer is to say the name of the colour of each word - not the colour named by the word. To really test yourself, try playing in another language.

In a netshell: I see red.

Crossword Center
A hot cuppa and a challenging crossword are just the thing to kick start the day. Join Ms Terry Solver for your "daily dose of word wizardry". See if you can beat the best time of the day or upgrade to "expert" level. Follow Ms Solver's recommendations for more amusement. (Registration is required but it's fast and free.)

In a netshell: Brain starter.

Ever have that eerie feeling that you're being watched? Visit this site and you'll know why you can't escape.

In a netshell: Eye spy.

Bizarre Video Games
"You featured a web page of mine a number of years ago- Just wanted to let you know I now have a domain, and the page is much better than before, if you want to take the time to check it out. It should be good for a laugh. Enoy"

In a netshell: - submitted by Doug

Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typi
Could this be you? Take the test and find out.

In a netshell: - submitted by Carol W, US

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