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Most Popular Search Terms 2000
Search terms mirror the "hottest and coolest" in pop culture as well as the breaking news Web readers seek. Seems sex and Britney Spears (not necessarily together) are top of the pops.

In a netshell: Key words.

Best Freeware
You can find lots of no-charge utilities online, if you know where to look. See Gizmo's list of the top tools to spruce up your computer, browser, email, photos and other bits and pieces.

In a netshell: Help yourself.

Call friends or family anywhere in the world on their computers or phone - for free (if they also use the software) or at low cost (if they only have a phone). Another handy Internet telephony application is Firefly from www.freshtel.net

In a netshell: In a net shell: Makes cents.

The Web's Favourite Colour
Matt Webb is on a mission to find the web's favourite colour. Visitors submit a picture of their favourite and Matt adds it to the collection. Coloured bars across the top of the home page show the progress - the taller the bar, the more popular the colour. Matt then mixes the colours to find the favourite, displaying it as the page background.

In a netshell: Colour collective.

Search Engine Colossus
Learn about your fellow world citizens with the help of this international directory of search engines. Search Engine Colossus offers a quick way to find thousands of regional portal sites around the globe. Search by country (Afghanistan to Zimbabwe) or subject.

In a netshell: Yahoo alternative.

Finding information on the Net can be like looking for a needle in the virtual haystack unless you have a good search tool. KarTOO is a meta-search engine (searches multiple engines and directories at once) and displays the best results on a map or as a classic list in various languages.

In a netshell: In a net shell: Visual search.

Australian Web Designers Net
Find an Aussie or New Zealand web designer with the help of this online database. Search by state, specialties and keyword then request a quote. Designers can post their details and links, respond to tenders or join the community.

In a netshell: Time saver.

"There's no such thing as a stupid question, but they're the easiest to answer." For computer or software problems, ask for help on the Net. You'll find free technical advice in a message board forum and the archives.

In a netshell: Hair saver.

Nigerian fee scam
If youíve never received an email from Nigeria promising you a fortune, you must have a rock-solid sp*m filter. One recipient decided to put the scammer to the test and pretend he was actually interested in the deal. Read the long email exchange to find out what happens.

In a netshell: Cyber frauds.

When you want to browse a web site offline (while not connected to the Net), use this application to download pages on to your computerís hard drive quickly. Some sites can be difficult to grab if from CGI scripts or contain JavaScript. WebStripper will try to create an exact copy of the site. It can also revisit a site whenever you want to download any new or changed pages.

In a netshell: Ripper stripper.

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