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Book Promotion Newsletter
Covers all aspects of promoting books including marketing tips, publicity from a publicist's point of view, writers' web sites and self-publishing.

In a netshell: - submitted by Francine, US

All Readers
If you're like most readers, you enjoy certain kinds of plots, characters, dialogue, action and settings. Imagine if you could search for a new book just by searching for those elements. That's exactly how this site works. You can also contribute your own book review.

In a netshell: Bookmark for bookworms.

Bartleby.com began as a personal research experiment in 1993, becoming the first site to publish a complete classic book on the web (Whitman’s "Leaves of Grass") in 1994. Today, this online publisher gives millions of students, educators and the intellectually curious free unlimited access to books and information on the Web. Search the full-text database containing more than 200,000 web pages, including 22,000 quotations and almost 5,000 poems.

In a netshell: Priceless bookmark.

Short Stories
Reading from the screen is not easy at the best of times but at least short stories don't take too long to get through (or you can print them out to read offline). This UK site hosts a large online library of short stories, from crime to sci-fi, with special monthly features. You'll also find classic short stories, summaries, biographies and analyses.

In a netshell: Short and sweet.

Fancy a little romance, adventure and panache in your life? Legends explores the history, literature and lore surrounding Robin Hood, King Arthur, pirates and privateers, “and other swashbuckling characters of balladry, fiction and film”. Explore classic fairy tales to Shakespeare’s stories, sagas and sea kings to poets and painters. Read articles and reviews, follow the links or simply admire the illustrations.

In a netshell: Time out.

Bible Gateway
If you're looking for a biblical passage to spice up a sermon or speech, try the Bible Gateway's search engine. Just key in a keyword or passage and stand back. You can search seven different versions of the Bible in nine languages.

In a netshell: Heaven sent.

Book-A-Minute SF/F
Want to impress somebody with your knowledge of science fiction and fantasy books but don’t have time to read? Now you can have your book and read it too, no matter how busy you are. The site’s brains have ultra-condensed a selection of popular speculative fiction novels by removing “the filler”. You can read entire books, even series, within a minute. The collection, featuring titles from Animal Farm to The Odyssey, is updated every few weeks but don’t expect great writing.

In a netshell: Potted prose.

Tales from the Vault
Tales from the Vault is an exercise in interactive fiction - all the stories and poems are told in segments by visitors to the site. This storytelling method, apparently sometimes referred to as an "Exquisite Corpse" exercise, gives readers a chance to take an existing story in whatever direction they fancy - within reason (the VaultKeepers review submissions and post additions twice a week). Artwork is also welcome.

In a netshell: Write idea.

Christian Articles Archive
Those seeking the Christian perspective of Christmas online might like to dip into the archives of web marketing guru and pastor Dr Ralph F. Wilson. His Christmas-themed short stories and articles are written in plain English with a modern tone. Couples who've been surprised by a pregnancy and had to break the news to parents will relate to Dr Wilson's own favourite, "Joseph's Letter Home", which still brings a tear to the good pastor's eye. Kids turned off by olde-worlde religious tales might even listen to this lot.

In a netshell: A good read.

Lipstick Librarians
She's bold, she's sassy, she's helpful ... she's the Lipstick Librarian and she's shattering the image of the librarian as a bespectacled, dowdy handmaiden. Anyone can become an LL with the right state-of-mind and outlook. Take the quiz or a few beauty tips, such as: "Want to perk up storytime when telling The Hobbit? Make chain-mail clothing out of paperclips! Forgot to put on mascara this morning? Paint small Post-It notes black, cut into fringes and stick on to eyelids for that Liza Minelli/Cabaret look!" You'll never look at librarians the same.

In a netshell: Book-marked.

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