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"Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen. And thinking what no one else has thought." - Albert Gyorgi. Experience Africa through the eyes of Montreal-based freelance photographer and writer Mickey Bhuiyan. You'll lose yourself in this site, but you won't care. "It's the journey that matters, not the destination." (Optimised for high bandwidth, resolution and fidelity.)

In a netshell: Magical.

Skyscraper Page
Fans of tall buildings have created this homage to the skyscraper. See the "World's Tallest Diagram", a searchable database producing a colour graphic of tall buildings arranged by height along with details including address, architect and number of floors. Explore the forums and skyline photos or follow the links to views of cities and tall buildings, Lego skyscrapers and an interactive aerial view of Manhattan.

In a netshell: Tall stories.

Australian Road Condition Reports
The next time you want to check road conditions before a journey, check this site from motoring organisation RACQ. Just click on the map for an up-to-date report compiled from police information. Follow the links to meteorological reports, Main Roads' travel calculator and other alerts.

In a netshell: Be prepared.

Brisbane cams and useful links
Links to lots of Brisbane information including events, sport, TV and movies, shopping, community sites, entertainment, environment, accommodation, real estate, tourism, transport and media.

In a netshell: Briz Vegas.

World Heritage Tour
Take a virtual tour of dozens of cultural and natural world heritage-registered sites, from the Forbidden City to Valley of the Kings. This documentary image bank features superb panoramic pictures and interactive virtual reality movies to promote the notion of sustainable tourism. (uses Quicktime plug-in.) In a net shell: World-class edutainment.

In a netshell: World-class edutainment.

When you’re far from home, it’s comforting to know help is only a mouse click away. Meet up with other Aussies abroad in your areas, get the news and sport from Oz, see who’s touring, order your Vegemite, sports clothing or videos,, or download an Aussie-flavoured screensaver.

In a netshell: Cooee.

Keep it together wherever you go with this simple, easy-to-use web-based personal information manager. Use it to create, manage and share notes or reminders accessible anywhere, anytime. You can even send email reminders to your mobile phone or email address. Get it while it’s fr*ee.

In a netshell: Home away from home.

Learn all about camels, Arabic cuisine, art and falconry at this comprehensive online resource on the Arab world, particularly countries in the Middle East and North Africa. You’ll find snapshots of almost every nation in the Middle East (with history, geography, culture, business, transport) as well as news, essays, daily email updates and a “magic carpet” to country-specific sites.

In a netshell: Eye opener.

50 Places to See Before You Die
The BBC asked readers to nominate the places they believed everyone should see in his or her lifetime. The Grand Canyon was first followed by the Great Barrier Reef, Florida, South Island, Cape Town, Golden Temple, Las Vegas, Sydney, New York and the Taj Mahal. Visit the site to read the rest of the list.

In a netshell: Dream catcher.

The City Stories Project
Share your thoughts, true stories and city links with other city-dwellers through this network of city-based storytelling sites all over the world. Derek Powazek started the growing virtual volunteer-run community in San Francisco. He describes it as a cross between a personal journal and a city guide or "a series of personal stories where the city itself becomes a character in your story".

In a netshell: Tales of the city.

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