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Flight Toys
If your idea of fun is throwing something into the air, follow the links to a world of things that fly, from boomerangs and slings to bolas and Aerobies. All of the aerodynamic devices listed have their roots as primitive airborne missiles used by early humans for both weaponry and sport.

In a netshell: Flights of fancy.

Learn Cricket
If you don’t know a duck from a googly, step this way. Learn about cricket’s rules, laws, batting strategies, how to read scorecards and common terminology. The simple site is a labour of love for 19-year-old Bombay engineering student Nicholas Alphonso.

In a netshell: Howzat.

Surfing Etiquette and Rules
Surfing tends to be free by nature but you need to understand the basic global conventions (based on safety and common sense), whether you're a body boarder, short or long boarder, surf skier or kayaker. For instance, learn how to tell who has right of way and how to avoid rips and currents, sun damage and cold water.

In a netshell: Keep your cool.

Sailing Simulator
Take the helm and master the basics of sailing with this online simulator from National Geographic. Use the sliding controller to adjust your rudder and sail or pull down the menu to reposition your boat. Print out the points-of-sail guide or, if you donít get seasick, try the interactive wave simulator then take a virtual tour of an ocean racer.

In a netshell: Tactical test.

Keep statistics for your golf strokes for each round you play just like the pros. This f*ee golf handicap service helps you track your online handicap, analyse your scores and improve your game. Track details such as scores, greens in regulation, fairways hit, and putts per hole. Start an online group to share and compare scores, check the electronic scorecards for courses around the world, or polish your style with the tips.

In a netshell: Swinging, baby.

Enjoy the adventure of sled dog racing, with "none of the frostbite". Learn the basics in Mushing 101, view videos and live cams, read musher bios, check race results, see cartoons and find out how to make your own dog booties and biscuits in the Kidszone.

In a netshell: Mush pit.

World Cup 2002 - The Digital Collection
"The web has no memory - unless it is created." Digital media guru Norbert Specker, who created the online archive for September 11 news coverage, is now documenting the World Cup 2002. You can search the collection (spanning 32 countries) by title, match, language, and media sites.

In a netshell: Historic goal.

When you canít get to the greens, grab a virtual putter and try your luck at this 18-hole mini-golf course. Itís free but not easy.

In a netshell: Tee time.

Soccer Coaching.net
Whether parent or professional coach, this Norwegian site will help you brush up on the basics of soccer. Read articles, print out exercises, chat with other coaches and fans, find a job, sign up for a free newsletter, follow the links to more sites or download free software (eg stats programs, competition managers and league trackers).

In a netshell: Kick back.

I Seek Golf
If you're a golfer, this should suit you to a tee. This simply designed, content-rich, Brisbane-based site has bags of news, results, rankings, prizes, links, interviews, golf course reviews, photos and forums on thorny topics (eg can you shake your ball out of a tree?).

In a netshell: Stick with it.

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