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Are you millionaire material? What breed of dog would you be? What'syour true colour, emotional age, perfect workout or shopping style? Discover the real you with dozens of free online personality tests prepared by PhD specialists. If you're game, take the "ultimate personality test" and compare your results with friends or sign up for your own personalised newsletter.

In a netshell: Mad about you.

The Guess My Sex Test
What a difference a hairdo can make. Take a look at these digitally modified baldies to see if you can work out their gender. Hit "submit" for your score.

In a netshell: Gender bender.

If you want to harness the power of online connection, visit the winner of the Webby Community Award. Meetup is a fr*ee service that organizes informal, real-world local gatherings about anything, anywhere. Find or create a topic (from agnostics to yoga), sign up and show up at the venue (chosen by member votes).

In a netshell: Shared passions.

Act For Love
Activists need love too (maybe more so). Lovelorn peaceniks can find a cause and a date at this unusual personals web site. Search through more than a million personal ads or post your profile for no charge. You pay a small fee to strike up a conversation or instant message. Part of the site's profits go to member-voted causes.

In a netshell: Romantically active.

The Smile Study
Can you tell if someone's faking it? Take the test and find out. The Smile Study is an online experiment to discover whether people can spot the difference between a genuine and fake smile. Some of the 10 pairs of photographs are upside down to make it even trickier.

In a netshell: Say cheese.

Online Oracles
Pick an oracle, any oracle. Choose from online tarot reading (pick your deck and ask a question), magical personality (learn about your primary and shadow mythical creatures), moon phase tracker (to know if the time's right) or spell-a-day.

In a netshell: Decision helper.

Money Personality Test
Are you a balanced spender/investor or are you a binge spender, big spender or a micromanager? Take the quiz to discover your money personality.

In a netshell: Scary.

Write a Senior Citizen
Find a new friend or foster a grandparent at WriteSeniors.com, a pen-pal site for seniors John Thomas, 17, and his sister, Kelly, 20, created the site after being touched by seniors they entertained at retirement homes - "This Great Generation of senior citizens contributed unendingly through World War II and the Korean War while judiciously shaping our world through innovations and policies. They must not be ignored and forgotten." You'll find tips and news, a cookbook, online memorials and forums.

In a netshell: Caring community.

Letter Project
Type in a message, hit “go” and your words will appear letter by letter. So what? Each letter is held up by one person who has sent in his or her photograph to be part of this unusual dynamic alphabet. Follow the link to send an e-card version to a friend.

In a netshell: Personalised messages.

Birthday Alarm
Never forget another birthday, thanks to these online reminders. Just fill out the dates and forget it. When the time comes, follow the link in the message to send an e-card or invite.

In a netshell: Face saver.

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