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Happy News
In our media-saturated world, sometimes you just want to find a little good news for a change. Categories include heroes, health, environment, science arts, sports, business and opinions.

In a netshell: Light relief.

Katrina Information Map
A community-edited "wiki" showing the status of specific locations - house to house - along with links to satellite and aerial imagery of Hurricane Katrina.

In a netshell: Community effort.

Hurricane Survivor Tells
New Orleans resident and Jazz musician Charmaine Neville recalls the horror of surviving Hurricane Katrina.

In a netshell: Shocking.

Network for Good
Resource of online donation centres.

In a netshell: Click to give.

Blog from New Orleans
An Internet company shares first-hand accounts, live web cam feeds and chat from New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

In a netshell: Eye of the storm.

See a snapshot of the world at this very moment through an ever-changing photo collage of current events. The site updates automatically every hour to present 100 of the most common words and pictures drawn from news sources around the globe.

In a netshell: In a net shell: Compelling.

Police Scanner Broadcasts
If you're a sucker for punishment and the cop dramas on tele don't do it for you, listen in to real-live emergency service scanners throughout the US or even a couple in Australia. You never know what you might hear (most use Real Player plug-in or Windows Media Player).

In a netshell: Scan-dalous.

With the world connected more than ever before, everyone is affected by a US presidential election. This site, set up by two Americans, gives web readers from different countries a chance to "pretend" vote. At the time of writing, candidate John Kerry was way ahead of George Bush globally, including in the US and Australia.

In a netshell: Classic ballot.

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