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Why lose sleep over forgotten song lyrics when you can download them in a twinkling online. Search by artist, song, album or text. You can also request guitar tabs and chords via the message board.

In a netshell: More than words.

Brispop.com is a non-profit site designed to promote the Brisbane indie pop/rock scene. Read news and profiles of local bands or follow links to their official home pages. Developing musicians and their followers will appreciate the directory of useful industry resources (eg "musicians wanted", venues, rehearsal spaces), gig recommendations and CD reviews.

In a netshell: Indie know.

Online Classics
If you like your performing arts live, try the next best thing. Online Classics streams live and archived video-on-demand of opera, theatre, concerts, plays, dance and musicals. It's free - for now. You'll need a fast connection for tolerable viewing quality or you can simply listen.

In a netshell: Cyber culture.

Virtual Guitar and Chord Book
Learn new guitar chords with an interactive Flash-built guitar that lets you strum, listen, see finger positions, apply a capo, mute strings and quick tune. Access 1000-plus chords or make your own then save to your personal chordbank. Learn to play scales and improve your lead solos with the guitar scales generator.

In a netshell: In a net shell: Hit it.

When you can't find anything decent to listen to on your local radio, tune into the world's largest Internet radio network or create your own station with the simple tools and services. Select from thousands of stations spanning myriad genres from more than 150 countries. For commercial-free stations in CD-quality sound you'll need VIP membership.

In a netshell: Broad cast.

Air Guitar Australia
Discover the latest moves for the air guitar and view action photos from the Air Guitar Championships. See a diagram of an air guitar then follow the instruction manual for tips and techniques including some unusual chords.

In a netshell: Air heads.

Musicals have been around for thousands of years in some shape or form. Explore the history, modern traditions and future of musical theatre, TV and film. Learn how musicals are made, dip into the Who's Who, check the calendar, read reviews of cast recordings and productions, or take a "course" (Gilbert&Sullivan101, NoelCoward101).

In a netshell: Show tunes.

Odd Music
Flap your ears if you love unique, unusual, ethnic or experimental music and instruments. Listen to cigar box guitars, bamboo saxophones, stalagmites in a cave, gourd music, industrial insect metal, bow telegraph wires across the Nullarbor Plain or call whales on a Waterphone. Follow the links for sheet music or tips on making instruments.

In a netshell: Aural treats.

Classical Music Search
Ever get a melody stuck in your head but you canít remember the title or composer? Key in the notes on the melody search engine and it will search a database of more than 1500 classical music melodies for the one you seek.

In a netshell: Sanity saver.

Dialtones (A Telesymphony)
One mobile phone ringing is annoying enough but how about a theatre filled with 200 of them? Sit in on a concert performed entirely through the ringing of the audience's mobile phones. The concerts - held in Austria and Switzerland as electronic performance art - involved the carefully choreographed dialling and ringing of the audienceís own mobile phones with amazing results.

In a netshell: Art of noise.

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