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120 Seconds
If you're hungry for bite-sized multimedia entertainment and have a fast connection, spend some time at Canadian site 120seconds.com. View a day in the life of a piece of gum or hot skateboarding action, listen to musical features with wild graphics, Flash-toons, experimental performances, true stories, freaks, fiction and beats. If it's all too much, choose a guide or see the top 5.

In a netshell: Clips worth claps.

See JRR Tolkien talk about how he came to write "The Hobbit" and describe his love of language at this site. You'll also find movie trailers of the "Lord of the Rings" fantasy trilogy.

In a netshell: Ring leader.

The Cabinet of Dr Casey: The Horror Web Page
Horror buffs will want to sink their fangs into this chilling assortment of movies, music, art, literature, games, comics, TV, radio and theatre. You’ll find graphics, audio clips, timelines, a poster gallery and The Horror Movie Character’s Survival Guide (eg “skeptics are always proved wrong in some horrible, nasty, painful way - be a believer”). The site is updated each Halloween, if not before.

In a netshell: Take a walk on the dark side.

The Trailer Park
Check into The Trailer Park to find links to preview clips for new movies as well as hard-to-find videos and classic releases. The directory of several hundred links is organised by movie company, distribution (US or foreign), and movie title. Net newcomers will appreciate the helpful advice on how to download video files from web sites.

In a netshell: Trailblazer.

America's Greatest Movies
The American Film Institute has revealed its list of the 100 greatest American films as part of celebrations to mark the first century of American moviemaking. A 1500-member panel drawn from the American movie community judged the top 100, from No.1 (Citizen Kane) to No.100 (Yankee Doodle Dandy). See a brief synopsis of each film, selected credits and photos, enter the movie chat room or vote for your own top 10. Video clips on are their way.

In a netshell: Star spangled.

Women in Character (Makeup & Prosthetic Effects)
The graphics on this site provide plenty of inspiration for fancy-dress parties. The photo archive contains a range of special make-up effects on film and TV actresses since the 40s. Before and after shots, along with snippets of trivia, make for fascinating viewing. The make-up processes used to age, fatten, disfigure, animalise, alienate, robotomise or mutate some of the world’s most attractive actresses are also presented as a series of shots. No wonder some needed Valium to endure their roles.

In a netshell: Self-image booster.

The Internet Movie Database
Before you rent another disappointing video, dip into this MASSIVE database for the lowdown. Type in a title, cast/crew name, character or word and the on-site search engine will find it, along with plot summaries, trivia, awards, goofs, posters, soundtracks and reviews. The only thing missing is popcorn.

In a netshell: Movie buff's heaven.

Science Fiction Movie Lists
Science fiction fans might enjoy Brisbane-based Greg T. Firefly's lists and links to classic movies. Categories include the 50s to the 90s, robots, spaceships, Hugo Award Winners, comedies, time travel, New York, actors, series, hard SF, books, presidents, directors and more awards.

In a netshell: Sci-fi, so good.

Brisbane International Film Festival
Film buffs can explore BIFF's entire catalogue online this year. Search the database by film category, country, title, year of production or director. The site also offers reviews, screening details, transport options, stills, discounts, directors' biographies and ticket sales.

In a netshell: Clicks for flicks.

405: The Movie.
The beauty of the Net is that anybody can create a masterpiece for the world to see. The three-minute smash hit comedy film, "405", features a jumbo jet making an emergency landing on the busy 405 freeway in Los Angeles. The filmmakers, Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt, made the movie on home computers in three months and have since been signed by a major Hollywood agent.

In a netshell: Web winner.

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