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If you'd rather spend your spare time watching movies than searching for reviews about movies, bookmark Metacritic. See at a glance how a video, movie, CD or game rates on a scale from one to 100 based on a weighted average of all published reviews. If you prefer colour ratings, green is good, yellow is average, and red is bad. Read a cross-section of quotes from major critics or follow the links for the full review.

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"Make the most of your sofa" with this Brisbane-based, non-commercial, creatively named site offering free reviews and articles on movies, TV, games, books and comics. The site's creators scour the city to find undiscovered gems in video stores and bargain bins and are proudly Brisbane-centric. All the ad banners are free links to other Brisbane-based sites.

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Make your own movies with your own photos and email them to your friends and family or stick ‘em on your web site. Just choose a template (silent movie, multi-paned, laser light, old movie style), select your pix, crop them then add captions and music. Try the demo or just register (you don’t have to pay). The site uses pop-ups so be sure to active those for useful info.

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Find Videos
Watch your favourite music videos, including some from the early days of MTC, for no charge online. Search by artist and song or browse by genre. If you don’t have the plug-in player, check the FAQs. You can also visit official web sites or buy the CD.

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Film Sound
Discover the sound behind the movie with this Swedish site. You’ll find an introduction to film sound, glossary, essays by Oscar-winning sound designers, the history of sound, FAQs, clichés and common logic flaws, animation and music, and sound effect design in horror films and the Star Wars trilogy.

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The Wrong Crowd
Police corruption is the subject of an innovative new online doco launched by the Australian Film Commission and ABC New Media. The Wrong Crowd follows the life of Debra Beattie from childhood in the 1950s to young adulthood in the 1980s in Queensland. Don’t miss other documentaries, A Year on the Wing (migration of wading birds from Siberia to Australasia), Long Journey, Young Lives (child refugees), and Homeless (six people in six cities).

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Somebody with way too much time on his hands re-created the Star Wars movie in animated ASCII (keyboard characters). The same bloke – a New Zealander - also created a jet-powered beer cooler. Children of the 70s will enjoy the Space Invader-style graphics.

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Film Wise
Movie buffs seeking a real challenge should try the quizzes on Film Wise. For instance, see if you can name the title of a movie just by seeing a scene - where the people have been made invisible. Try a Visual Quiz (guess the movie from a specific visual such as handwritten notes) or take a text quiz.

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The Four Word Film Review
“Since most films start off as a short sales pitch, it makes perfect sense to return a film to its humble beginnings and sum it up in four well-chosen words.” That’s the philosophy behind this site, which invites you to contribute your four-word review of any film (eg Hannibal - “was crap without Foster”).

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Thanks to new media, making films is not just for the Hollywood heavyweights any more. Aspiring directors and writers can learn screenfuls at this portal including - the basics, tips, directories, dictionaries, dealmakers, articles, FAQs, tutorials, training, jobs, festivals, news, studios, talent, special effects and other new filmmakers. You’ll also find the latest movie trailers, short films and US box office top 10.

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