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Happy Woman Magazine
If your sense of humour is a little on the dark side, enter with tongue firmly in cheek. This site claims to be the antidote to Oprah and Martha (Stewart, that is). The site motto is: "We think so you don't have to!" Features include "Funeral etiquette", "Supermodels help pick the right religion for you", "Raising your ungifted child", and "How Prozac saved my marriage".

In a netshell: Wicked.

43 Things

Fair Share International

We Are What We Do

How You Can Change The World

SLOW Downunder

Downshifting Downunder

The Wellbeing Manifesto

Go Volunteer

Build Your Own Mansion
The average cost of the most expensive homes in America is $US48.4 million (the national median home price is between $US150,000 and $160,000). You'll see why when you the cost of each millionaire must-have feature including Olympic-sized swimming pool, helipad and panic room (uses Flash 5 plug-in).

In a netshell: Dream home.

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