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Wacky Uses
Did you know that Alka-Seltzer or Coca-Cola can clean your toilet? Or that Crayola chalk will stop ants? And yoghurt can soothe sunburn? Learn lots of alternative uses for everyday products at this clever site.

In a netshell: Handy.

Fun School
Keep the kids out of your hair with this colourful interactive grab bag of free, educational games for kindy-goers to sixth graders. The fun includes puzzle and board games, arcade, jokes, silly stories, free screensavers and colour-in pages. Parents even have their own section.

In a netshell: Cool school.

Baby Names
This site has been "naming the world, one baby at a time" since 1996. Search by name and meaning or browse through all the listings (including most popular, Shakespeare or soap operas). See the "pic of the month", ask grandma or print out snazzy free name art.

In a netshell: Baby talk.

Plan your next social gathering with the help of this site featuring themed invitations, celebration ideas, recipes, gift suggestions and co-ordination help. Though much of the information is US focused, it’s a great tool to organise a private function anywhere.

In a netshell: Host help.

Young and old pet owners alike can learn lots about their animal friends at this fun site from the ASPCA. You'll find a pet care guide, real issues (losing a pet, alternatives to dissection), humane education (cyber hunts, activities and projects), Ask Azula, an animal encyclopedia, games and cartoons (trivia, e-cards), and a bibliography.

In a netshell: Furry good.

Wheel of Dreaded Consequences
When you need creative punishments for the kids, turn to the wheel. Let the kids take a spin for a range of chore suggestions, from cleaning up the garage to listening to an hour of Dad's favourite music.

In a netshell: Round reprimand.

On June 17 every year, one family in Buenos Aires takes part in a private ritual - they photograph themselves. See the lines of life etched on the faces of Mum Susy, Dad Diego and their three sons since 1976.

In a netshell: Fleeting moments.

List Organizer
Simplify your life – print a list. Busy mum of four created this site for other time-poor victims of the 21st century. Print a f*ee list for groceries (organized by alphabet or category), parties, cleaning house, Christmas, weddings, travel and packing, personal care and child chore chart.

In a netshell: Ticked off.

The Lost Dogs’ Home and Cat Shelter
Register your lost pet on this f*ee nationwide database featuring more than 300,000 animals. The Lost Dogs' Home, founded in Melbourne in 1912, is the third-largest animal shelter in Australia. You’ll find tips on finding lost pets, top pet names, dogcam, dog photos and pet care.

In a netshell: Lassie come home.

F*ee Web Pages for Babies
Store and share your baby pictures online for no charge. Upload an unlimited number of photos, organise them into folders and build a simple web site automatically (no need to know HTML). You can send pictures to friends and families through a private announcement system, make your site private with a password or tell the world.

In a netshell: Oo baby.

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