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Enneagram Institute
Discover your personality type with a free Riso-Hudson online test. Learn how to use the scientifically validated enneagram for personal growth and to improve your relationships at home and at work. Take a 10-minute sample quiz or pay for the full 144-question test.

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In a net shell: Type righting.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets
Google Docs & Spreadsheets is a free web-based word processing and spreadsheet program that keeps documents current and lets the people you choose update files from their own computers. Formerly known as Writely, the tool lets you co-ordinate group assignments, access family to-do lists from work or home, or collaborate with colleagues on a new business plan.

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In a net shell: Team work.

Ms Dewey
If the Internet and Google are beginning to feel a little impersonal, ask Ms Dewey. She's a real live human being standing by at your service ready to find whatever you're seeking online - and it won't cost you a thing.

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In a net shell: Human interface.

Just in time for Easter, enter the Internet-enabled wi-fi robot rabbit Nabaztag. This is no dumb bunny. Using his or her ears and lights, the rabbit will alert you to breaking news and monitor your email, stocks, traffic, weather, when to wake up, air quality and weekly summary. You can even "marry" two rabbits and give one to your partner, anywhere in the world with a wi-fi connection. When you adjust your Nabaztag's ear, the married rabbit's will move to the same position.

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In a net shell: Wise wabbit.

Neuro Exam
Despite diagnostic technologies tools such as the CT and MRI, the neurological exam is still a critical decision-making tool for doctors. Follow the steps in a neuro exam, from mental status to sensory tests, with streaming video demos.

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In a net shell: Brain work.

Pandora is the doorway to the Music Genome Project, a vast treasure trove of musical information. Just enter the name of a favourite song or artist into Pandora and it will scan a century of analysed recordings to find songs similar to your taste.

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In a net shell: Personal DJ.

A handy free text editor (produced by Paul Smithson and his team at Intellimon) analyses your email text to determine the potential for it to be "recognised" as spam and does some other things too (eg give you a reading difficulty level which is useful for addressing people who speak English as another language).

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* Submitted by Robin Henry, United Arab Emirates



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