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Web Project 
Planning Kit

Web Project Planning Kit

You'll save time, money and frustration with my three-step proprietary methodology including -

1) Pre-Development Questionnaire
2) Web Requirements Kit (plus content ideas)
3) Content Inventory Template

No need to re-invent the wheel or spend thousands on over-priced, big-name consulting firms.


* clear, concise, easy-to-read style
* based on hands-on experience
* fun, practical and helpful tips
* four pages of innovative content ideas


Pre-Development Questionnaire (Word, 12 pages)
* the first step to building your online strategy
* define the scope of your new web site
* articulate and identify goals of the redesign
* covers message, audience, business goals, creative vision, budget, resources, schedule, size, content, look and feel, marketing and technical functionality

Web Requirements Kit (Word, 15 pages)
* a guide to the business requirements gathering process (who will visit your new web site, what they'll want to do and how you can best meet those needs) -

* WHAT IS THE PROCESS (plain English explanation)
* WHY BOTHER (what’s in it for you)
* WHO NEEDS TO DO IT (anyone who wants to represent your organisation on the web)
* HOW TO GO ABOUT IT (everything you need to know)
* CHECKLIST (step-by-step guide to running a brainstorming session or focus group)
* CONTENT IDEAS (dozens of inspirational formats)

Content inventory template (Excel)
* a handy register to log and prioritise content by audience segment, user need, business need and functionality

Ready to try?

The entire kit is worth thousands in intellectual property but you can secure it for just $500 (including GST).

Buy now through our secure payment facility to download the kit instantly and get cracking.

Still not convinced?

Okay, do it now and we'll give you a BONUS white paper - Seven ways to sabotage a web project - listing the top pitfalls and how you can avoid them.

All right, you've sold me.

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