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Odd Bods - Volume 1

Walk on the wild side with an e-booklet

Discover the sites you’d like to see (if no one were looking).

Save time trawling the search engines or clicking dead links trying to find the rare sites everyone has heard about but only dedicated web-heads see.

Let veteran web reviewer and journalist Yvette Nielsen guide you through the lesser-known, darker reaches of the Net.

Be titillated, shocked and amused with Yvette’s crisp, entertaining reviews in an easy-to-use, attractive online e-booklet (PDF).

The collection includes the bizarre, strange, odd, extreme, gross, engrossing, gruesome, grotesque, off, censored, puerile, sick, peculiar, amusing, weird, wacky, absurd, fun, naughty, disturbing, outlandish, ridiculous and shocking.

Yvette makes no apology, accepts no responsibility and disclaims all liability for any incorrect or offensive information in the sites listed. If you are disturbed by graphic content, you’ve been warned.

Please do not email Yvette saying how horrified you are – you’re supposed to be, that’s the idea.

Please leave now if you are under 18 or easily shocked or offended.

If you’re game, learn more about the first e-booklet in the Outer Sites series, ODD BODS – 50 bizarre sites about the human body.


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