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Response to quitting smoking

Thanks to those of you who shared your smoking stories in response to the last newsletter -

"Interesting newsletter. I quit smoking five years ago. (It only took me 15 years to do it.) I have since then had acute writer's block. When I can write, my work's still good, maybe better -- although I don't think quitting smoking had anything to do with that. But it's harder, a lot harder (I hope this sentence makes it past the spam detectors) without a cigarette between my lips and another one or two burning in the ashtray."
- Ron from West Hollywood, US

"As a lad struggling to think of a plan to quit passive smoking, I thank you for your efforts and wish you all the best with the transition and good health to come! :)"
- Ben B.

"Thanks for the bulletin - good luck with the (non) smoking!"
- Chris M, London

"I gave up many years ago – ‘cold turkey’. The only way to do it is to carry a handful of minties in your pocket, and when u feel the urge, pop a mintie. It will relieve the craving and take your mind off the smoke as your mouth is engaged in another activity."
- Pete R, Brisbane

"This latest newsletter is absolutely great!! I had absolutely no idea of how much Writers could be paid, so you have spurred me on with the writing I have been playing around with!!! Keep up everything, and don't worry about the smokes, because if you feel like one, just do it, after all why get stressed???"
- John T

"Nice to see you're still out there doing your stuff."
- Julie, Brisbane

"It is very good to see that you have the strength to at least have a go at quitting those cancer sticks. I have not had to take those steps as I do not smoke. I do not need them plus I cannot see the sense in watching my hard earned money just going up in smoke in front of my eyes. Congratulations again & I hope you can kick the habit for ever."
- Bazz

"Love your newsletter...There was an episode of Absolutely Fabulous where Patsy was trying to quit, and she had nicotine patches plastered all over her body. Unfortunately, they all absorbed the nicotine out of her skin and then they all fell off...Hopefully you're not at that stage yet!"
- Nick, Canberra


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