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What are some Australian affiliate programs?

Q - I'm looking for Australian companies that provide affiliate programs that I can place on my site. I have a couple already which provide a very small stream of passive income although I'm ready to step it up. Do you know of any oz companies that provide these. I have tried US sites before but found no one was interested in purchasing. I also have over 9000 subscribers to my online emagazine which is a perfect vehicle to cross promote products and services for commissions. Any help would be great.

A - Amazon.com pioneered affiliate marketing ("pay for performance") to extend its market reach through letting online partners promote and sell its products and services for a commission. I've used cyberaffiliates but they're no longer with us so they recommend their partners use dgmaustralia.com I can't vouch for any others but take a look at these if you want Aussie dollars spent online to return to the Aussie economy -


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