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What is Open Directory?
How to promote a site on a shoestring
Where can I find a free spambuster?
Do you know of a Mac-compatible e-newsletter tool?
What's an alternative to Kazaa?
Break the rules if you have to
Double quotes or single?
How can we add a discussion tool?
How can I add a dictionary in Spellcheck?
Website or web site?
What can you do to fight spam?
What can we do about spam?
Why are you misspelling words deliberately?
What are the best search engines and how can you get listed free?
All about cookies
How can I get rid of those arrows?
How can I change Word dictionary?
Should I respond to unknown 'read receipt' requests?
What is a listserv?
How can I stop newsletter appearing as attachment?
How can I find an Australian newsletter host?
Monkey see, monkey do
What are the best options for communicating ideas, issues etc to external interested parties - other than just putting something on to the web site?
How can I store digital camera images on holidays?
How do I load vinyl records to my computer?
How can I copy text from a web page in frames?
How do you strip symbols from email messages?
What are the alternatives to a second phone line?
How can I get rid of pop-up ads?
Why can't I view a downloaded web image?
Has anyone seen my search tool?
Why didn't Microsoft include the Java Virtual Machine with XP?
Why don't some sites need the "www"?
Do the same content principles apply to a CD-ROM portfolio?
Can online style work in print?
What is best practice for employee communication?
What is content management?
How can I view email with a different program?
What's the best time to send out email newsletters?
How can I tell IE to use Metapad to view source?
How much is a content co-ordinator worth?
Write once, publish often?
Why is content and aesthetic design always portrayed as disparate and exclusive rather than complementary?
Where can I find information about disability access and web design?
Can your recommend web design resources for beginners?
How much will content users pay?
What's the best way to write web site summaries?
How many Australians use Netscape vs Internet Explorer?
Advertising on Australian publications
What is your preferred online style guide?
Should all sites have a community?
What are the tricks to e-newsletters?
How do you promote a site offline?
How good are the alternative domain suffixes to .com and .com.au?
Database-driven web sites
Content management in large bureaucracies
How do I get my site listed with the search engines?
Home page essentials
Animation and usability

What is Open Directory?

Q - Re site submission to search engines and indexes, what is the Open Directory Project?

A - The Open Directory Project - at http://www.dmoz.org - is a massive human-edited directory of the web built and maintained by a global community of volunteer editors. The data is used by many search engines, including AOL Search, DirectHit, HotBot, Google, Lycos and Netscape Search. Melbourne-based volunteer editor Vicki Falkland says she checks for new submissions twice a month, sometimes more. to submit your site, visit -http://dmoz.org/add.html


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