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Legal Issues

Who owns your web site?
Is forwarding email illegal?
Landmark defamation ruling
Do I need permission to link?
Danish court rules against deep linking
What does copyright cover?
Are you infringing copyright?
New privacy laws
Court rules in favour of writers
Beware "deep linking"

Who owns your web site?

Be careful if youíre hiring someone to design, build or write web content
- you might not own the finished work.

The creator is often the legal owner, unless you have a written agreement
stating otherwise or the creator is a full-time employee.

You need to agree at the outset who owns what and how you can use it.

Technically, you canít reproduce graphics and text specifically created
for one medium (eg web) in another medium (eg print).

I usually assign rights to smaller clients on completion of a web job
(itís goodwill) but I know many graphic designers who donít.

Be sure to negotiate what will happen - and how much it will cost - if you
later want to change designers, web hosts, programmers, writers or other

Copyright laws vary between countries. If in doubt, seek legal advice
before the job starts.


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