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Readers' Comments

"You have no idea how valuable your Surf Club is to this old wrinkly, who finds things electronic still a little strange. Please keep up the good work." - Peter Kemp, Brisbane, Australia.

"I'm a bit of an e-newsletter nazi (I probably subsribe to 20 or so) and YOURS is the only one I save, forward, read and use on a regular basis. Because you give so much of yourself in your newsletter IT IS REAL. I trust you. thank you." - Kristina Williams, www.softlink.com.au, Brisbane, Australia.

"Once again a big thanks for your newsletter. It still maintains a very high level of professionalism and I read all of it." - Graham Hohenhaus, Australia.

"I luv your newsletter - it is such a pleasant change to read 'hard' content delivered in a 'soft' manner and great style i.e. human (vs. legal, financial, accounting etc) centric, with humane content and eminently readable style...go girl, and keep feeding our right brains!" - Kathleen Clothier, Brisbane, Australia.

"I enjoy your newsletter because it is sharp, savvy and informative. I also like its personal tone (I almost feel like I know you and I don't!) and its frankness!" - Monique Mayze, Brisbane, Australia.

"It's informative and one of the few 'must read' newsletters that hits my inbox." - M. Evans, Enoggera, Australia.

"The tips and advice I have received from this newsletter and its author have proven to be invaluable both on and offline. From producing a multimedia job application, to welcome suggestions for web site design to my employer and some lighthearted reading during breaks, this newsletter and its coulumns have been a great help. Thanks Yvette!" - Brad Irwin, Brisbane, Australia.

"How much I enjoy and appreciate your excellent site - brizcomm. I am a teacher of adults and often refer them to a site you have recommended...Keep up the great work - your newsletter is most welcome in a land of cyberdross." - Carolyn Edmundson, Windsor, Australia.

"I for one, thoroughly enjoy reading your newsletters. I appreciate your views on subjects - even if they conflict with my views - and I admire your respect for others and the way you show it. Since attending your workshop two years ago, in which I developed respect for you and what you do, I have been an avid subscriber of your newsletter and have passed it on to many friends and collegues. Keep up the great work Yvette - there are many of us who appreciate it - thank you." - Shirley Reeves, Eagle Farm, Australia.

"Yvette Nielsen's e-newsletter is full of great advice for anyone working in the online content environment. She keeps her finger on the pulse in the world of working with words on the web and brings together highlights of the week in an easily digestible and personality-packed format." - Kerry Sunderland, www.evolvemedia.com.au, Brunswick Heads, Australia.

"I really like your writing style - it has so much energy...I reviewed a number of your past newsletters and was very impressed with your writing style. You have the ability to succinctly detail items and topics that are usually dull, boring and generally tedious to non 'techy' people." - Art Gibietis, Baltic Enterprises, United States.

"This is from Kiwi land just to say that I enjoy your newsletter better then any other news item I receive. You have a great sense of humour." - Leo Taillie, New Zealand.

"The brizcomm newsletter gives me a fresh, impartial and sometimes humorous view of the online content world. The author's ability to convey messages clearly and concisely makes it welcome any day in my inbox." - Craig Ferguson, Brisbane, Australia.

"I enjoy all of your newsletters for many reasons and, as space or my ISP's limit for my Mail Box, I cannot list them all but some include that your writings are easy on the eye as well as the mind. They are understandable, readable yet do not treat me like a moron. They are interesting, always amusing and enjoyable. So much so that I have passed on your page to many of my more alert friends. Thanks for a wonderful newsletter." - Graham Hohenhaus, Toowoomba, Australia.

"I have only been listening to your spot on the ABC this year. In the past I had been listening to & registered with a lass known as Miss Megabyte. Your time on radio & web site is a lot better." - Warren Gavin, Brisbane, Australia.

"I felt I had to tell you how much I look forward to your Surf Club feature each week. As I'm a teacher I find it has a lot of value for my students and I frequently refer them to interesting sites, which you have reviewed." - Mary-Lou Horner, Brisbane, Australia.

"I wish to congratulate you for finding new web sites each week…I have found many interesting ways of surfing the net, faxing free on the Internet, sending cards, and lately visiting the Power House, playing with colour tests and using a time zone converter which is very convenient as I correspond with friends all over the world. I hope you will keep the good work." - Philip Morlet, Brisbane, Australia.

"I have been a subscriber of the brizcomm newsletter for a long time now. I get a great deal of email and I have to say that this is one newsletter I look forward to and read through to the end. Love the selection of web sites to surf to and can't wait to check out the Weekly Chuckle! I often refer others to this newsletter. Thank you Yvette." - Annette Ramsey, Brisbane, Australia.

"Your brizcomm eNewsletter is always a 'must read' for me. Because I have to keep up with what's happening on the Net, it provides me with useful links and ideas that I can usually apply straight away. Keep up the good news!" - Iain Duguid, Maleny, Australia.

"The brizcomm e-letter is enjoyable (life may not be easy, but it can be fun!), short & snappy (using concise & accessible language; avoiding jingoism), actually useful (tips aren't laboriously expanded; where detail is necessary a link is conveniently provided), well structured (I always know 'where I am' within the body of text; something which is easily lost in an e-environment), varied (thus spicing my life). I also find the following personal attributes appealing. Yvette (in part) is: generous with her time, ideas, thoughts & books! personable; the way in which Yvette weaves the odd relevant strand of her personal & professional life is refreshing & demonstrates great integration. Then of course we have Yvette's mother, Pollyanna, a very talented writer who regularly contributes her wit & insight. No slavish tributes to 'my dear old Mum' here nor any other kitsch. On yer, Yvette!" - Chris Mansell, Adelaide, South Australia.

"As part of my job, I am subscribed to quite a number of online newsletters - it's really important to see how other people do things. Anyway, I have a simple compliment for you ... yours is the only one I read from top to bottom; I scan all the others. I look forward to receiving your newsletter each week. It is very well written and an interesting read - I find myself clicking on at least two links per newsletter which is a great response from me. Keep up the good work!" - Leanne Jackson, Brisbane, Australia.

"I have found the brizcomm newsletter to be not only informative but very entertaining. I have been able to do research through the articles and apply new and improved ways of operating my own business which is Internet based. Keep up the fantastic work!" - Jamie Brammah, My Health Specials, West End, Australia.

"This is THE ONE e-zine out of a range of daily, weekly and monthly e-zines I receive, that I save to the end of the day as I know I will find some worthwhile information, a gem or just a tit-bit to savour. Love it! thank you." - Kristina Williams, Brisbane, Australia.

"Brizcomm is a welcome visitor to my inbox because it gives an Antipodean slant on the industry I'm in - a rarity even today. Yvette's breezy, yet to-the-point style really helps too." - Simon Young, Auckland, New Zealand.

"I think it would be pretty hard to improve on. I think you do a fantastic job Yvette. Keep up the good work. Thank you heaps." - Rod Wright, Gold Coast, Australia.

"I just wanted to say thanks for your newsletters and let you know how much I enjoy them. In a sea of work stuff and junk mail, they are always the bright spot in my inbox." - anon.

"I love reading all the info you put out there and some of the web sites you tell us about have been truly helpful and inspiring. Thank you for doing this - it is really appreciated." - Deb.

"I think you are doing a good job. I sometimes do not have the time to check it all out at once but I get around to it eventually. I appreciate what you are doing for us & I can learn something from this site, with all the tips you give. Keep up the good work." - Bazza, Qld, Australia.

"My husband and I never miss reading your newsletter. We have been receiving it since its conception. You are consistent and reliable. We love your clever, concise, helpful, colourful style. You have a way with words that puts everything 'in a netshell' beautifully. Your captions at the end of each site never fail to raise a smile or prompt a thoughtful moment. Keep up the good work. You brighten up a couple of oldtimers' days." - M & B.

"i really look forward to receving brizcomm news as it is a personal newsletter with a professional approach, great web reviews and articles." - Dean Piazza, www.getfit.com.au

"I am an aged pensioner [71] and I regularly listen to you on Monday nights, sitting in my car waiting for my handicapped daughter to finish her band practice, So I joined your mailing list and enjoy reading the newsletter...I like to learn more about computers and internet ao I can teach my daughter. I can't think of anything you could do to improve your style but I did want to let you know that there are probably a lot of people out here who like to read your newsletter but are unable to contribute anything to it." - Keith Devantier, Nundah, Australia.

"Always find myself smiling as I read through your newsletter."

"I have subscribed to your site for over 12 months now and have picked up a lot of great info and really enjoy your ezine."

"I really enjoy being on this list and find it informative, humorous and useful. Keep up the good work!"

"Keep up the good work Yvette, there are people out there who value what you are doing."

"Since attending your course I have looked forward to your newsletter each week. Love the weekly chuckle for a smile but mostly enjoy the surf club - have visited some great and not so great sites - you know what I mean!!!!! Very enjoyable."

"Still enjoying your weekly cheerfulness and optimistic views on the Internet. I have learnt a great deal so far and look forward to learning more."

"Keep up the good work - as a novice to the web I am learning heaps from your newsletter."

"I get lots of ezines, and I'm discovering my span of attention is a lot longer with html. love your web site reviews by the way!"

"I often recommend your list and web site to current and aspiring PR types. One of these days I might even do your course... "

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