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Move over dinosaurs, we're here to stay


Vol. 2, No. 32, 29/8/2001


Discover new sites and the secrets to web success
Vol. 2, No. 32 August 29, 2001

In This Issue:

1. Web content tip
2. Help for the scroll bar challenged
3. Columns
4. The Y Files (Q&A)
5. Surf Club - web site reviews
6. Reader's choice
7. Weekly chuckle

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From the editor - Move over dinosaurs, we're here to stay

If you read too much old media, you'd think new media were already
dead and buried.

A recent column on Content-Exchange appealed to the Internet
content industry to organise, speak out and lobby on behalf of its
interests. "If we don't speak now, we'll soon have nothing to defend."

Other content creators jaded by big media will enjoy one reader's
response to the column. "In the way that corrupt 16th-century clergy
attempted to quash the societal changes invoked by the invention and
distribution of the printing press, so is the established order now
treating the Internet." Read the whole letter at -

Express yourself on brizcomm's discussion board (which has a few
interesting threads unravelling - click on the plus signs to read them)

- Yvette

Web content tip

A couple of lucrative global markets worth considering are greeting
cards or grant proposal writing.

Apparently, the top card-sending occasion is Christmas but everyday
Friendship cards, humour, rhymes and shorter, more casual-language
cards are also selling well. Sounds like good news for online word

Flick through the new greeting card section on Writing World for more
tips -

If you thought grant writing was boring, think again. Grants are the
lifeblood of many non-profit groups and grant writing is simply the art
of telling the story of an organisation -

Help for the scroll bar challenged ;-)

London-based web and graphic designer Simon Walter - of
www.simonwalter.com - read the few negative comments about our
new-style newsletter and felt compelled to help those with sore hands.

Here are his shortcuts to help you view newsletters and web sites
more easily -

F11 - Toggle between full-screen and regular views of the browser

TAB - Move forward through the items on a Web page.

ALT+LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE - Go to the previous page.

UP ARROW - Scroll toward the beginning of a document.

DOWN ARROW - Scroll toward the end of a document.

PAGE UP or SPACE BAR - Scroll toward the beginning of a
document in larger increments.

PAGE DOWN or SHIFT+SPACE BAR - Scroll toward the end of a
document in larger increments.

HOME - Move to the beginning of a document.

END - Move to the end of a document.

ALT+TAB - To move through several open windows.

ALT+F4 - To close a window.

SHIFT - When clicking a link to open a new window (very useful when
looking at a page of links from a search engine)."


Debutante balls are big events on Australian country town calendars.
Go behind the scenes of this social anachronism with Pollyanna.

Natika of Brisbane reviews the book "Why Buddhism?" this week.

The Y Files
Whoops, we're fresh out of questions. Send me your stumper and I'll
dispatch a sturdy snail with a new book for you. Email

Surf Club

Interview With God
When you need a reason to keep going, stop by this site and have a
word with God, whatever that may mean to you. This short Flash
presentation of nature photos and words will get you back in touch with
the basics. If you like the site, follow the links to another multimedia
devotional, Moments with God.
In a net shell: Time out.

History of…
When you want to know the history of anything, try here first. The list of
links was created for fun to find out how many pages started with
"History of…". Topics are alphabetical, from acupuncture to zoos, with
a lot of weird stuff in between.
In a net shell: Back with the future.

Cross karaoke with a dictionary and you'll get the idea. Audio clips
parody popular songs using clearly enunciated vocals (which are
audio pronunciation samples from actual online dictionaries). You can
download the songs in MP3 format for free- just in case you want to
burn your own CD.
In a net shell: Singing dictionary.

Recipezaar claims to be the "world's smartest cookbook". Search or
browse through thousands of recipes by course, cuisine, ingredients,
preparation or special categories (kid pleaser, comfort food). You can
create your own personal cookbook of favourites and print out an
automatically prepared grocery list. Use Fridge Search to find a
recipe that will use up the leftovers.
In a net shell: Hot dot.

The Last Word
Don't go near this site unless you have lots of time to burn. The Last
Word, from New Scientist magazine, is dedicated to "all the small
mysteries of everyday life", for instance: Why do people sneeze in
bright light? Why do chased sheep run in straight lines? Why do
muscles ache more on the second day after exercising?
In a net shell: Stop wondering.

Lab Tests Online
Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab. The clinical laboratory
professional analyses chemical indicators in the body to give the
doctor a clearer picture of a patient's health. This site will give you vital
information about these "invisible" health care workers. Choose a test
and find out how and why it's done, select a condition to read about its
symptoms, or select a group (eg adolescents) to learn about the
correct preventive and diagnostic tests. You'll also find tips on
preventing pain, discomfort and anxiety.
In a net shell: Sample bag.

Reader's Choice

The end of free
A weblog "chronicling free to fee and beyond".
Submitted by Stephanie Butcher, of Brisbane

Weekly Chuckle

A Hollywood screenwriter once walked up to director Frank Capra
and waved 120 sheets of blank paper in his face. "Here," said the
writer, "put the famous Capra touch on this."

Moral: You can have a brilliant marketing plan, a great media strategy,
excellent distribution and an award-winning director, but sooner or
later, you're going to need content. Compelling content.

(author not known)

Yvette Nielsen, Editor

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