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How do you like the new look?


Vol. 2, No. 30, 15/8/2001

Discover new sites and the secrets to web success
Vol. 2, No. 30 August 15, 2001

In This Issue:
1. Web content tip - top 10 survival tips
2. How people use the web
3. Columns
4. The Y Files (Q&A)
5. Surf Club - web site reviews
6. Reader's choice
7. Weekly chuckle

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From the editor

How do you like the new look?
If you have a reasonably recent email program, chances are you're looking at the "you beaut" new HTML version of your newsletter.

My trusted graphic designer, Matt Tanner of Noosa, has worked his magic yet again.

Dazzling though it be, I appreciate that some of you prefer plain text, even if your email program can handle HTML.

Unfortunately, ListBuilder does not make it easy (despite charging a bomb) and automatically sends you whichever format you can see best.

If your email program can handle HTML but you really, really, really want plain text, I'll try to add a customised question to the sign-up form and set up a separate list for you. A bit painful but you're worth it. Email yvette@brizcomm.com.au if you fall into that category.

- Yvette

PS that big blank spot to the right of the table of contents above is yours to sponsor. Just name your price.

Web content tip The word is that the industry downturn is showing faint signs of stabilising but many freelancers are still doing it tough.

To ride out the slump, read eWork Exchange's top 10 survival tips for freelance writers (and other eWorkers):


How people use the web
Online users can be divided into seven categories, according to the latest edition of quarterly magazine Strategy+Business.

An analysis of clickstream data from Nielsen/NetRatings segments people into:

a.. Quickies (8% of all sessions)
b.. Just the Facts (15%)
c.. Single Mission (7%)
d.. Do It Again (14%)
e.. Loitering (16%)
f.. Information Please (17%)
g.. Surfing (23%)
Download the PDF article at:

An old treadle sewing machine sparks a trip down memory lane for Pollyanna this week while Toowoomba's Steve Lindburg reviews the book, "Developing Manhood: the Testosterone Agenda", by Dr William Phillips.


The Y Files Liza Foster, of Brisbane, emailed this week's question and picks up a copy of the John English guide, "How to Organise and Operate a Small Business in Australia".

Q: In writing e-newsletters, just how much scrolling should you have? Is it better to send a newsletter with hyperlinks to an article on your web site or have the article in the newsletter and have links internally?

A: The length of your e-newsletter depends on the style of your content and the patience of your reader. Some popular newsletters are as long as 10 screenfuls but comprise lots of small snippets rather than a few long pieces. Including links to articles, rather than the whole thing, saves space and respects your readers' time. If they're keen, they'll follow the link. If not, they can quickly skip over it. One of the advantages of an HTML newsletter is that you can hyperlink the table of contents so your readers can jump straight to the bits they want.

Email your question to yvette@brizcomm.com.au and win a new book.


Surf Club
Mountains to Mangroves


Australians all let us rejoice for we are young enough to save our environment. Co-operation between community, business and government groups has saved a unique corridor of bushland from Brisbane Forest Park to Boondall Wetlands. The diverse wildlife habitats are a treasure trove for nature-based recreation, education and cultural pursuits. Artists and environmentalists celebrate the project with the Mountains to Mangroves festival in July-August.

In a net shell: God save the green.



Flazoom is home to fanatics of Macromedia's Flash animation. Flazoom.com aims to find the coolest Flash content on the Web (eg Small Blueprinter that lets you create a house plan in 3D). You'll also find in-depth articles on different types of Flash, Live Motion and upcoming SVG content.

In a net shell: Pretty flash.

Virtual Cube


Solve a virtual Rubik's cube puzzle with a mouse click (or 30). This interactive, 3D Java-based puzzle can even unscramble itself. Watch closely for the secret moves.

In a net shell: Think outside the square.

Spotlight Health


Join the stars and find out how they overcame their health problems through video, chat and articles. Learn about Roger Moore's mission against skin cancer, Jill Eikenberry's battle with breast cancer and Carnie Wilson's journey back from obesity.

In a net shell: Famous patients.



If you thought "chick" was a derogatory term for women, think again. These chicks know how to click and they'll call themselves whatever they darn well like, thank you very much. For cool, irreverent content for young women, click this way. You'll find features (eg party etiquette, vegetarianism, Wicca religion), job tips, a tool to create your own movie trailer, horoscopes, stars and style, chat, contests, greeting cards, a helpline and quizzes (eg are you your mum?)

In a net shell: Chic chicks.


Reader's Choice Carol from Bribie Island presents this week's offering.



Brisbane's semi-legendary Valley icon DJ No MC's web site has something for everyone in the family - enter his $20,000 Crawl 'n' Trawl Competition, collect cybercards of your favourite cricket players, keep up with the latest stats on the DJ No MC Cricket Club and the Woorim Scrabble Clique, check to see if your mum's picture is in The Faces of the Dub Sessions, visit Simeon Readingape's Library, read the latest gaffes from The Courier Mail, but, most importantly, be one of the few savvy Brisbanites to read excerpts from his novel so you can say "I knew him when".

In a netshell: Juicy content. Lavish links. What more could you want?


Weekly Chuckle Why was Mary Poppins' donut shoppe so popular?

The super-calorie, delicious, extra-jelly donuts.


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