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Reflections on a life


Vol. 2, No. 23, 27/6/2001

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Vol. 2, No. 23 Reflections on a life June 27, 2001

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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My partner's father died last night.

Tim wasn't rich or famous. I don't think he ever travelled outside
Australia. His closest encounter with communications technology was
the telephone and two-way radio.

He was a true-blue Australian gent, hard-working farmer and respected
father of four.

Even during the most desperate drought, Tim always had a joke or yarn
to share and a mischievous twinkle in his amazing blue eyes.

Life on the land has never been easy but he managed to soldier on
through the toughest of economic and personal times - and help his
neighbours while he was at it.

Whether heading a dingo drive or fighting bush fires, Tim could always
be relied on for commonsense advice and direction.

He had the qualities of all great human beings - integrity, generosity,
honesty, loyalty, compassion, wisdom and a healthy sense of humour.

The world needs more people like Tim. May his proud legacy and stories
live on through "the bush telegraph" and his many friends and family.




1. Surf Club

Hidden Resources
If you're over 50 and have "been there, done that", list your
Expertise for free (for a limited time) on Hiddenresource.com
and wait for opportunity to knock. This site aims to become a
global repository of skills, experience, knowledge, equipment
and services. List or look for mentors, volunteers, advice,
business opportunities, guest speakers, experts, and contacts.
In a net shell: Hidden treasures.

Habbo Hotel
If you'd like to meet new people, create an alter ego (ie Habbo)
and hang out with other characters at the virtual five-star Habbo
Hotel. You can walk, dance, sit, drink and talk (well, type) with
other Habbos in the café, pub, nightclub and games hall or buy
and furnish your own private room. (Site uses Shockwave plug-in).
In a net shell: Lonely street.

Fun Calculator
Balancing the books can be about as much fun as root canal work.
Inject some fun into the process by downloading a free calculator
with sound effects for the buttons. Choose from the Orgasmic
Calculator or the other one (if you enjoy toilet humour).
In a net shell: Funny numbers.

Explore the world of dinosaurs through this fascinating site from
National Geographic. See history come alive through interactive
models, short videos, animations, quirky facts and stories.
In a net shell: Prehistoric previews.

Speedvision Online
Speedvision.com is the online version of the cable TV network
devoted to people who love cars, boats, planes and motorcycles.
You'll find coverage of major events, the stars and people who
make it happen, what's going on behind the scenes, the unique
lifestyles, latest industry and consumer news, history,
instruction and the best tips for top performance, maintenance
and restoration.
In a net shell: Click quick.

Gadgets for God
For religious idolatry that pushes the boundaries of religion
(and good taste), browse through the goodies on this irreverent
site. Hot items include a Biblical beard and wig, ready-filled
disposable Communion cups, Twelve Apostles beer mug, Last Supper
musical pillow and Sacred Sneakers. In the food aisle, don't miss
the Bible gum, Hot 'n Holy Sauce and Testamints.
In a net shell: Good grief.

Verbal Self Defense
Verbal self-defense is not, as you might think, a collection of
killer smart cracks and strategies for using language to wipe the
floor with your opponents. Instead, learn how to understand what's
really going on, listen instead of leaping to conclusions, and know
how to respond. Remember, hostile language is dangerous to your
health and well-being.
In a net shell: Back chat.
Molecular Expressions

Explore the amazing world of optical microscopy through a gallery of
colour photo-micro-graphs, from beer and ice cream to integrated
circuits and ceramic superconductors. Don't miss the virtual trip
from the Milky Way to Earth, to a tree, its leaf, cells, electrons
and protons.
In a net shell: Fascinating.



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