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Back to the real world


Volume 1, No. 2, 2/2/2000


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 1, No. 2 Back to the real world February 2, 2000

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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School's back, summer's finally here and the holidays are over.

It's time to get back to the real world and another working year.

Life doesn't have to be dull, though, not when you have the web.

The past week has been anything but boring for this web content

Thanks for all your positive feedback about the newsletter and new
brizcomm site/community. I really do feel like a proud new parent.

We still have a few teething problems but, overall, the birth was
a joyous process and not too painful.

If you haven't already, do drop by and take a look at the bouncing
new brizcomm. Newcomers to this list might also want to read the
previous issue for a backgrounder.

Now on with the show.




1. Web content tip
2. Next web content workshop
3. New teachers' workshop
4. Surf Club links
5. Weekly chuckle


1. Web content tip

Before you begin writing, define your target readership and
set clear objectives. Look at competitors' web sites then focus
on the unique qualities of your product or service. Stress the
benefits, not the features, and be creative (but not pushy).
Encourage opinions and comments on your work from friends and
colleagues to spark fresh ideas.


2. Web Content Workshop

I still have spare seats for the workshop on Wednesday,
16 February (10am-3pm). The venue is Education Queensland's
Internet training room, floor 6, Gabba Towers, 411 Vulture St,
Woolloongabba. You'll learn to create a site with substance as
well as style (eg how to write for the online reader, plan a
content strategy, maximise accessibility/usability,
and promote site online and offline).

If you know someone planning or maintaining a site, do forward
this info or see what previous participants have said.

The cost is $250, including a great lunch (new caterer) and
handouts ($220 for full-time students, those not yet employed,
members of QWC, QAA, ALCQ, WIT, SEA).

To book, email yvette@brizcomm.com.au or phone 041 771 8683


3. The new Web Content Workshop specifically designed for
teachers, librarians and others associated with school web
sites is filling fast. Contact yvette@brizcomm.com.au or
phone 041 771 8683.


4. Surf Club

Brisbane Timeline
“Do you know that snow once fell in the city streets; a whale was caught
off Sandgate; cobra riddled the hulls of river boats; and a circus tiger
roamed down George Street, presumably in search of food!” Brisbane
Timeline, “from Captain Cook to CityCat”, is a fascinating database about
our city’s past. To access the online timeline or workbook, you need a
reference manual and username from the Brisbane History Group. You can see
a demo and order online.
In a net shell: Online treasure.

Scarf Tying
Tie it, twist it, drape it but, whatever you do, don’t use it as a
serviette. Learn the top 10 scarf-tying techniques, from the Ascot to the
wrap, with these step-by-step tutorials from the fashion gurus at Marc
Rozier of Lyons, fourth-generation family producers of fine silk scarves.
You can also read the fascinating story of sericulture, or silk
In a net shell: Smooth as silk.

Education Network Australia
EdNA, for short, is the Australian portal for education resources. It’s
supported by all education departments and provides access to more than
9000 hand-selected sites as well as 230,000 linked sites. Sign up for
alert services or delve into forums, publications, noticeboards, free
tools, online projects and references. Follow the link to education’s
online marketplace - edna.com - for jobs, courses, and services.
In a net shell: Ultimate blackboard.

Musical Spoons
If you feel a jam session coming on but you’re short on instruments, make
your own. This site shows you how to make and play spoons, bones (bone,
wood or metal), washboards, washtub basses and gut bucket basses. They
also offer heaps of links words of advice: When playing with other musos,
don’t show off and remember, “it is a wise percussionist who knows when to
shut up entirely”.
In a net shell: Yeehah.

The cases are real, the jurors are real and the verdicts are real. The
only difference is the court operates at Net speed, not legal system
speed. Anyone can file a claim, view cases or be a juror. Soon, you’ll
even be able to get married in the court.
In a net shell: Court Internet.

Guide to Animal Sounds on the Net
Don’t spend hours looking for all over the web for animal sounds (if you
feel so inclined to look at all, that is). Tap into this amazing
collection of links to online audio files of animals ranging from hippos
to hedgehogs. Groups include cricket and cicadas, crocodiles, lizards and
snakes, birds, fish, frogs and toads.
In a net shell: Sssstrange.


5. Weekly chuckle

Virus Alert!

Titanic virus - Makes your whole computer go down.

Disney virus - Everything in the computer goes Goofy.

Mike Tyson virus - Quits after one byte.

Prozac virus - Screws up your RAM but your processor
doesn't care.

Sharon Stone virus - Makes a huge initial impact, then you
forget it's there.

Tim Allen virus - Appears helpful, only to destroy your hard
drive upon contact.

Saddam Hussein virus - Won't let you into any of your programs.

Ronald Reagan virus - Saves your data, but forgets where
it is stored.

Dr Jack Kevorkian virus. -Searches your hard drive for old files
and deletes them.

Martha Stewart virus - Takes all your files, sorts them by
category and folds them into cute little doilies to be displayed
on your desktop.

Oprah Winfrey virus - Your 200 MB hard drive suddenly shrinks to
80 MB, and then slowly expands to 300 MB.

Arnold Schwarzenegger virus - Terminates and stays resident.
It'll be back.


That's it for the second newsletter. Surf in peace and see you
next Wednesday.

Yvette Nielsen, Editor
email yvette@brizcomm.com.au

(c) 2000 Brizcomm Pty Ltd

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