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Awards, jobs and monster portal


Volume 1, No. 9, 22/3/2000


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 1, No. 9 Awards, jobs and monster portal March 22, 2000

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, mailto:yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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Queensland could well become Australia's "smart state" if the powers
that be are serious.

The 2000 Asia-Pacific IT&T Awards for Excellence were launched at
Brisbane's Carlton Crest Hotel yesterday by the newly bald Minister
for Communication and Information, Terry Mackenroth.

The Minister's "shave for a cure" raised $34,000 for the Leukaemia
Foundation, with a donation from Microsoft bringing the total to
$61,000. Thanks to all of you who gave generously.

Back to the awards . . .

All IT&T category award winners will be flown free to Malaysia to
represent Queensland and Australia at the inaugural 2001
International Asia-Pacific IT&T Awards.

This year's awards will include five national categories on top of
the usual categories, ranging from schools to the corporate sector.
See http://www.itawards.com/ for details.

Meanwhile, at City Hall . . .

Election fever is heating up for Saturday's local government poll
as many in the local IT industry race to prepare expressions of
interest for council's ambitious eBrisbane venture.

Brisbane City Enterprises' Rob Carter briefed a packed auditorium
earlier this month on council's vision for a "smart city" which
includes helping business online, community education and training,
and a mega Brisbane portal site.

Expressions of interest have been called from organisations "wishing
to contribute creative and innovative solutions, investment,
relationships and business models that will form the basis of the
eBrisbane - Networking Communities and Businesses initiative . . .
and "from organisations wishing to participate by contributing
information or making their services available through eBrisbane".

Closing date is noon, 14 April 2000. You can download the eTender
document from http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/ (click on the eBrisbane

Yep, it's all happening in the Sunshine State. Now, if only the rain
would ease off. . .




1. Web content tip
2. Win a weekend away
3. Free books
4. April workshop
5. Big job at Auran
6. Surf Club links
7. Weekly chuckle


1. Web content tip

One of the most common errors you see on Web pages, and print for
that matter, is the incorrect use of it's and its.

Basically, it's is a contraction for it is or it has (eg it's hot
today) whereas its is a possessive pronoun (eg the dog licked its

An easy check: If you can swap it's in your sentence with it is or
it has, then the word you want is it's.

For another simple test and examples, see


2. Win a weekend away

If you enjoy my weekly Surf Club site reviews, do me a favour and
fill out the reader survey on the inside cover of Brisbane News
magazine (last week's issue, 15 March).

You'll not only help to ensure the column continues but you could
win a weekend for two at the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort.

Post the survey back to the magazine before Friday (24 March) to
be eligible for the prize package that includes one night's
accommodation (with spectacular ocean views from your room) and
full buffet breakfast.


3. Free books

Want a free copy of "The Internet For Women" or "Nattering on the
Net" from independent Australian-owned publishing house Spinifex

"The Internet For Women", by Rye Senjen and Jane Guthrey", has been
described as "an essential tool for any female (or male) user who
wants to participate in the future..."

Dale Spender's "Nattering on the Net: Women, Power and Cyberspace"
looks at women and the cyberworld.

You can have either book free but there's a catch: you must write
a 100-word review of the book for brizcomm's community pages.

To win, just tell me in 25 words why you're interested in the book.
Email mailto:yvette@brizcomm.com.au with "book review" as the subject.

I'll announce the two winners in next week's newsletter.


4. April workshop

My next Web Content Workshop is set for Wednesday, 19 April, just
beating the Easter bunny.

Same time, same venue.

Tell your mates to visit http://www.brizcomm.com.au/ for details or
email mailto:yvette@brizcomm.com.au


5. Big job at Auran

Australian interactive home entertainment company Auran is
seeking a director of online services and technologies.

The role requires proven Internet technology implementation, web
development and management expertise.

The director will need to create a team of web designers, web
artists, web programmers, online technology programmers and
online evangelist from the ground up.

You must have extensive technical experience in the implementation
of e-commerce applications and web site technologies.

You will help guide the direction of the company's promotion and
distribution model.

This role is a key management position and an excellent remuneration
package of international standard will be negotiated based on skills
and experience. Relocation expenses will be provided for this
Brisbane position.

For application requirements, visit www.auran.com/careers then
email your application to careers@auran.com quoting reference
#DOSTBC1. Applications close 7 April 2000.


6. Surf Club

Why sit through a long boring movie when you can cut to the crunch
in a minute? This site presents a range of "ultra-condensed films",
from All About Eve to You've Got Mail. Some of the versions are
only a couple of sentences but you get the idea.
In a net shell: The gist with a twist.

If you're worried about the security of your Net connection, try
this free security analysis from security and hacker news site
AntiOnline. Just enter your email address in the field at the
bottom of the home page and hit "go". Your computer will be
scanned remotely and you'll be emailed a report (when depends
on the queue) of any security problems with your system and how
to fix them.
In a net shell: Play safe.

"Illness teaches us to appreciate the everydayness of life."
David Morris. CancerShock was developed by Rick Voithofer after
a friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The site offers a place
to talk about cancer in new non-linear ways. You'll find bulletin
boards, virtual cards (with messages you won't find anywhere else),
quotes, a section for those newly diagnosed and their families,
collaborative stories, short Flash animations, polls, news and links.
In a net shell: Fresh perspective.

Hollywood Stock Exchange
Wall Street meets Hollywood at the Hollywood Stock Exchange, an
entertainment stock market game where you can buy and sell your
favourite movies, stars and musical artists. Sign up for free and
get two-million Hollywood dollars to trade on the hot stars. You
can swap the fictional currency for real prizes.
In a net shell: Stars and stocks.

Brisbane City Council
Brisbane City Council has launched its new-look, resident-centric
site just in time for the elections on 25 March. You can discover
plenty about Brisbane including your nearest polling booth. Content
is grouped under user-friendly topics including getting around,
things to do, home and garden, community facilities and council
at work. If you want to organise a street party, compost your
scraps or locate a bike path, you'll find it here.
In a net shell: Cyber city.

Anyone over 30 will get a nostalgic kick out of this American site
celebrating the best and worst of TV shows from the 60s and 70s.
Enjoy rare clips from the video vault and unaired scenes along
with scandal and mysteries from telly's early days. If Hawaii 5-0,
Mary Tyler Moore, Good Times and Here's Lucy mean nothing to you,
try the 80s section.
In a net shell: Tele marathon.

Driving Personality Test
Think you're a pretty good driver? Find out with this test designed
to evaluate the kind of driver you really are. You'll be presented
with a score, road rage frequency indicator, detailed explanation
and excellent tips on how to keep your cool behind the wheel.
In a net shell: Go with the flow.

Change your whole look with a virtual online makeover. Just upload
a photo of yourself and see how you like yourself in hundreds of
different hairstyles, coloured contact lenses, new lip colours,
and fashion sunglasses. You'll also find advice, trends, tips,
features and chat.
In a net shell: Beauty.


7. Weekly chuckle

You know you've spent too much time on the computer when...
* you're reading a book and look for the scroll bar for next page.
* you get in the elevator and double-click the button for the floor.
* asked about a bus schedule, you wonder if it is 16 or 32 bits.
* you dream in 256 palettes of 256 colours.
* you look for an icon to double-click to open your bedroom window.
* you look for a trash can icon for throwing out garbage.


Play it smart on April Fool's Day this Saturday ;-)


Yvette Nielsen, Editor
email mailto:yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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