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Money for nothing


Volume 1, No. 11, 5/4/2000


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 1, No. 11 Money for nothing April 5, 2000

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, mailto:yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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I'll admit it: www.brizcomm.com.au hasn't made a cent since its first
incarnation in 1997.

In fact, it's cost more than a pretty penny in upkeep - financially and
time wise.

I'm not saying it hasn't been worthwhile. The regular positive feedback
from readers, the ongoing growth in hits and the sheer challenge of
scoring a few goals on the global playing field keep me going.

Still, if I can find a way to make money out of my passion for the web,
I'll do it (see item 5 below).

One idea is to seek sponsors for each special interest category within the
Surf Club database.

Traffic is substantial, the rate is reasonable and we're not using great
ugly banner ads so the concept shouldn't offend loyal clubbies. Email
director@brizcomm.com.au for details.

Now, the news . . .




1. Web content tip
2. Brizcomm scoops award
3. FrontPage 2000 course
4. April workshop
5. Make money surfing
6. Surf Club links
7. Weekly chuckle


1. Web content tip

An electronic signature is an easy way to promote your site,
newsletter and anything else for that matter.

You can easily create a sig file to be added automatically to the
end of every message you send just explore the tools or options
menu of your email program or browser.

Many people's email programs are set up to read only plain text
messages (ie not HTML) so no need to get too fancy with fonts,
logos or stationery at this stage.

Don't try to include too much information you can always change
your message. Some savvy PR people around town change their email
sigs as often as their suits.

Ideally, try to fit everything within about four lines or no larger
than a standard business card.

Essentials include:

* your full name and position

* organisation name and address (phone, fax, email, site address
in hyperlink format, eg http://www.brizcomm.com.au)

* a call to action (eg offer something for free or time limited)

* minimal hype (ditch hyperbole such as "industry leader",
"coolest", "hottest", "biggest" and other fluffy adjectives)

Ask your friends for feedback to ensure the message gets across as

Try these links for more inspiration:


2. Brizcomm scoops award

Sometimes you'll find something in your inbox that sets the tone
of your whole day. This message received Friday has made my year:

"Sofcom are delighted to inform you that your web site - Brizcomm
has been chosen as one of the very best sites in Australia, and we
would like to award you with a Sofcom 'Pick of the Net' award.

"Your site is featured in the current issue of the Sofcom Newsletter,
sent out to over 25,000 Internet users worldwide. You can view the
Newsletter online here http://www.sofcom.com.au/Newsletter/latest.html

"In addition, your site will be featured as one of our upcoming
'Pick of the Day' sites on the Australian Internet Directories page

"Again, congratulations and well done for creating one of Australia's
best web sites!"

I don't recall submitting the site to sofcom so, if you did, great
karma is on its way back to you.


3. FrontPage 2000 course

If you need a quick and relatively painless means to develop your
own web site, try Microsoft FrontPage.

I cut my teeth on the '97 version of program (after almost chewing
my arm off with more complex programs).

Software Engineering Australia in Brisbane is hosting a one-day
course on Tuesday, 18 April, from 9am to 4.30pm.

You'll learn how to build a complete web site including tips and
tricks of the trade.

(The next day, you can attend my workshop and learn how to organise
and write your content I never miss a marketing opportunity.)

The presenter, Stephen Needham, is founder and managing director of
RADN Technology Solutions, a solutions provider with a focus on
ecommerce technology solutions.

Cost is $195 for SEA members ($295 for non-members). Venue is the SEA
seminar room at 107 Quay Street (the old Arnotts biscuit factory site).

Email Cathy Norris for a registration form via cathy.norris@sea.net.au
or phone 3236 1111.


4. April workshop

This might be the last workshop in Brisbane for a while I'm going
further afield in my quest to spread the web content message.

If you know anyone needing to know how to write, structure and
promote their site, their last chance in the big smoke is Wednesday,
19 April, at Gabba Towers, Brisbane. Visit http://www.brizcomm.com.au/
for details or email mailto:yvette@brizcomm.com.au


5. Make money surfing

I've read a lot about schemes that pay you to browse the web but
the journo in me was sceptical.

The pioneer in the pay-to-surf arena, AllAdvantage.com, has extended
its reach to Australia so I've taken the plunge.

After all, I'm online virtually all day so why not make a few
bucks to support my habit while I'm at it.

To sign up, you fill out a form with basic demographic info and
download the free Viewbar which displays ads while you surf.

The Viewbar takes up a couple of centimetres at the bottom of your
browser window. As long as you're actively browsing (ie not checking
email or chatting) and the little man's head is green, you're
notching up cents.

It's free to join, you don't have to buy anything and you can turn
off or minimise the Viewbar at any time (though you won't be paid
while it's inactive).

If I make a million, I'll send you this newsletter from my laptop
on the deck of my luxury yacht somewhere in the South Pacific.

Oh, did I mention you can make even more money by referring friends
- just tell 'em I sent you - Member ID LTA-256 or follow this link:



6. Surf Club

The new medium spells financial independence and recognition for
all writers, not just celebrity authors such as Stephen King.
MightyWords, another experiment in electronic publishing, offers
"a secure digital marketplace where you can buy, sell and publish
the written word". You can publish your eMatter "longer than an
article, shorter than a book" - at your own price and split the
income 50/50 with the site's owner, Fatbrain. The top 10 best
sellers at time of writing included a self-help guide to sinus,
marketing on the Net, and 21 ways to boost employee morale.
In a net shell: eMatter matters.

Upcoming Movies
"Find out about tomorrow's films today." This American site provides
previews and commentary along with cast, crew and plot information.
You can find specific movies by date, title, genre, studio or actor.
In a net shell: Premiere site.

When you need a few pointers to lift your golf game, tap into
GolfSpan. Membership is free and gives you access to hundreds of
online videos from some of the world's top instructors. You can
also join live instructional events and chats or check out
golfing news and holidays.
In a net shell: Driving force.

If pain persists, see iBio. While not intended to substitute for
your doctor's advice, this "signs and symptoms" search engine
helps you research your condition and know whether you should
call a doctor. Feature articles include the latest screening
tests for cancer. You can learn about common surgical procedures
and recovery with online tutorials at iBionet's sister site,
In a net shell: Healthy start.

Grandparents in the new millennium face issues not even conceived
2000 years ago. This site offers handy tips and articles on topics
such as child development, health and safety, values and traditions,
things to do, and tough subjects (eg divorce and step-grandkids).
You can also share your experiences with other grandparents in the
chat room.
In a net shell: Grand idea.

House of the Future
Wonder what the house of the future will look like? Take a virtual
tour inside The Internet House as seen at London's Ideal Home Show
2000. The house is the first in the UK to function via the Net and
uses sophisticated technology to make life easier and safer: "You
could be sunning yourself on a tropical beach whilst checking
on the garden back home or turning on the sprinkler."
In a net shell: Click on in.

Feast your eyes on this mesmerising multimedia smorgasbord
collection. Treats include an interactive version of Van Gogh's
"Starry Night" (you design the constellation), geometrical
representations of famous classics, the strangely addictive
"shortcut", an image chain of stones (from the stone age to Sharon
Stone), living wallpaper, an atlas of the web (comprising search
queries), a virtual flame, word association stream, and a wild
In a net shell: Bewitch way.

Schmooze & Grow Rich!
This tongue-in-cheek site is your "rocket sled to success". Learn
all the sneaky tricks to take you up the corporate ladder (eg how
to make guilt-free personal calls at the office). See the
"schmoozer of the month", ask an expert, or email a Schmooze
postcard to a deserving colleague.
In a net shell: Career sneer.


7. Weekly chuckle

The US has succeeded in building a computer able to solve any
strategic or tactical problem.

Military leaders were assembled in front of the new machine and
instructed to feed in a difficult tactical problem.

They described a hypothetical situation to the computer and then
asked the pivotal question: ATTACK OR RETREAT?

The computer hummed away for an hour and then came up with the
answer: YES.

The generals looked at each other, somewhat stupefied. Finally one
of them submitted a second request to the computer: YES WHAT?

Instantly the computer responded: YES SIR.


Virtually yours,

Yvette Nielsen, Editor
phone 041 771 8683
Brizcomm, PO Box 2026, Bardon, Queensland 4065, Australia

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