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Where to woo web work


Volume 1, No. 13, 19/4/2000


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 1, No. 13 Where to woo web work April 19, 2000

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, mailto:yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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Web work, web work, where for art thou, web work?

If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked for leads to web
content work, I'd be on my luxury yacht already.

In fact, the top search term on www.brizcomm.com.au this week was
"work", closely followed by "job" and "customersucks" (a site in
last week's Surf Club).

The web's been good to me so I'm happy to help others find
contentment (no pun intended).

This is the year of content, even if some of the web development
cowboys out there don't know it yet. In fact, I just read that
writing copy is one of the top 10 emerging professions for the new

Site owners and developers are waking up to the fact that they need
more than great graphics and "cool" effects to keep readers returning.

Clear, concise, user-centric information is where it's at and that's
where the content manager comes in.

To use a fishy analogy, the content manager/creator/writer/producer
is the person you get to hook, scale, gut and fillet your information
ready for the chef (web developer/designer) and waiter (marketer) to
serve up on a garnished platter.

Web site development is a team process, no bones about it.

Each member of the team must respect the specialist skills of the
other members if the project is to succeed.

The key to finding content work (ie writing and structuring) is
largely a matter of educating clients and the industry about the
vital role of content - ie convince them that they need you.

To work on the Net, network. The more people you meet, the greater
your chances of finding work.

For more tactics, read on.




1. Web content tip
2. Check your messages
3. Learn Javascript
4. Meet Ozcar
5. Learn ASP
6. Surf Club links
7. Weekly chuckle

Aquent is a world-wide organisation taking care of IPs (Independent
Professionals) in the web, multimedia, creative and print production
industries. Our clients range the world over, from one-person shows
to the BIG icons. We're now in Brisbane and ready to help you find
your dream position, whether full time or contract/temp. Email your
CV to markl@aquent.com (web) or suzannei@aquent.com (print/creative).


1. Web content tip

If you're serious about the web, you need your own site to promote
your talents and services.

A would-be content professional without a web site is like an artist
without a portfolio.

It doesn't have to be flash (or Flash). Keep it simple, perhaps do a
contra deal with a savvy designer (words for graphics).

For tips, read this excellent primer from content guru Amy Gahran:

Don't forget to create a profile at Content Exchange while you're
there - I've had work offers through it and know former workshop
participants who are making good dollars (we'll talk about how
to work out your fees in the next newsletter).

Use the same profile on http://www.monsterboard.com.au/ and
http://www.careerone.com.au/, both of which have free agents that
will scour the web for jobs matching your requirements and
email them to you.

Add yourself to the Australian web developers directory at

Join the Queensland Writers' Centre (they're reviewing their
employment referral service) at http://www.qwc.asn.au/

Email web development companies with a brief (repeat brief) outline
of your services with a link to your own professional site.

Most of the work though can be found online itself. Go to the WRITERS
section of Surf Club at www.brizcomm.com.au and sign up for a few
of the job newsletters (eg Inklings, Inscriptions, Writers Markets,
Writer Online).

You'll find other job sites at: http://webreference.com/internet/jobs/

Other than that, keep your eye on the papers - particularly Tuesday's
technology liftouts in The Australian and Courier-Mail, and Saturday
career/employment liftouts.

Don't wait for work to find you - go out and grab it.

Creative director, start-up dot.com, print/TV/m'media b'ground (perm)
E-Business instructor, leading IT institute, biz/Net b'ground (perm)
Project managers, ISP/web development co., Net/dev b'ground (perm)
Cold Fusion programmer for ISP/web development co., 6mth exp. (perm)
HTML coders, wysiwyg OK, must be able to raw code (temp/contract)
Email markl@aquent.com for more details.


2. Check your messages

If your site has message boards or web-based email, Spellchecker can
provide a smoothly integrated spelling and grammar check function -
in English, French, German and Italian.
See http://spellchecker.net/


3. Learn Javascript

Students, developers and programmers: are you free from 9am to 4.30pm
on Monday 22-23 May?

Software Engineering Australia (SEA) is hosting an intensive two-day
course at its Brisbane premises to give you enough knowledge to
incorporate JavaScript into web solutions.

The course will provide a reality check on JavaScript plus hands-on
exercises and case studies.

You should be able to build basic web pages using HTML and ideally
have basic modern programming experience (eg C, C++, Visual Basic
or Java).

Cost is $370 for members and $590 for non members. To register,
email mailto:cathy.norris@sea.net.au

Grocery shopping can be a real drag, especially after a long day.
Order your meat from Brisbane's first online butcher shop and we'll
deliver it fresh to your door for free (conditions apply). Check
out our daily specials or drool over the free gourmet recipes for
ostrich, beef, pork, lamb, poultry and venison. Our prices are
competitive, products are first class, and you can pay on delivery.


4. Meet Ozcar

Australian journalists and journalism educators have a new mailing
list if you're interested in news and research.

Its name is ozcar but you won't find any rubbish in these postings.

The list was created by library liaison Belinda Weaver on behalf
of staff of the Journalism Department of the University of Queensland.

It aims to share news, information, advice and announcements about
new computer-based or Net-based resources, as well as new methods
for news and information gathering and computer-assisted research.

To join the list, send an email to majordomo@lists.uq.edu.au
(leave the subject line blank). In the body of the message, type
subscribe ozcar and send (turn off your email signature first).

Belinda is also the creator of the excellent research resources site
"Guide To Internet Information Sources for Australian Journalists".

Links cover business information, cases, databases, directories,
economic data, government departments and policies, industrial awards,
legislation, reports, statistics, trade figures and policy, as well
as basic reference tools. The emphasis is on Aussie sites.

See http://www.uq.edu.au/jrn/ozguide/


5. Learn ASP

QANTM and Aquent are hosting a course in ASP programming from Monday,
8 May, to Monday, 19 June.

Twelve two-hour sessions will be held on Monday and Wednesdays from
6-8pm at QANTM's offices in Milton. You need three or four years' HTML
and/or programming experience to attend.

Cost is $480 and only seven seats are left.

For details, email markl@aquent.com


6. Surf Club

The Easter Egg Archive
You'll find plenty of colourful and tasty Easter eggs on the Web but,
to find the really special ones, you need to know where to look. The
term "Easter egg", in techie talk, means any amusing tidbit that
creators hide in their creations, whether computer software, movies,
music, art, books, TV or a watch. This site will help you discover
surprises all around you.
In a net shell: Bunny trail.

Art Cars
Ensure your car stands out from the crowd with a few artistic
touches. This site can give you tips and techniques to change your
vehicle's look, be it permanent or temporary, and a list of events
where you can show off your masterpiece. Read how others did it and
admire their work, from the cow-de-lac to the Midlife Chrysler.
In a net shell: Travelling art.

Chuck Lorre Vanity Card Page
Chuck Lorre, the creator of TV show "Dharma and Greg", started a fad
when he inserted hidden messages into the program's end credits.
Since the show's inception, fans have been taping the credits to
freeze frames and read Lorre's witty observations on life. The
so-called vanity cards appear for only a split second but have
become so popular that he's posted them all online for anyone
to see.
In a net shell: Read between the lines.

If you fancy yourself as a radio program director, here's your chance.
Live365.com is a collection of online radio stations created by
amateur directors. Offerings include Celtic music, South Park, anime
and game music, Pink Floyd, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings
drama, Albanian folklore and stand-up comedy. Download the free
broadcasting tools to create your own show.
In a net shell: Variety shows.

English To Go
Anyone learning or teaching English as a second language will
appreciate this site from Reuters News offering a free lesson each
week. Even if English is your first language, you'll learn something
here. Subscribers gain access to the lesson library, weekly warmers
and Anna Grammar's archives.
In a net shell: Mind your language.

One Across
If you're having trouble with a crossword clue, try this online
search engine. Just give One Across a clue and the number of
letters you're seeking, and it will list possible answers. For
more fun try the crossword purity test, anagram finder, online
dictionary or cryptograms.
In a net shell: Sleep saver.

Free Sheet Music
Find free sheet music on the Net through this bumper directory of
hundreds of links to sites offering free files for instruments
ranging from piano to fiddle. Browse the menu or search the lists
by keyword.
In a net shell: In tune.


7. Weekly chuckle

An Easter joke

Three men just died and are at the pearly gates of heaven.

St Peter tells them they can enter the gates if they can answer
one simple question.

St Peter asks the first man, "WHAT IS EASTER?"

The man replies, "Oh, that's easy, it's the holiday in November when
everybody gets together, eats turkey, and is thankful..."

"WRONG," replies St Peter, and proceeds to ask the second man
the same question, "WHAT IS EASTER?"

The second man replies, "No, Easter is the holiday in December
when we put up a nice tree, exchange presents, and celebrate
the birth of Jesus."

St Peter looks at the second man, shakes his head in disgust,
looks at the third man and asks, "WHAT IS EASTER?"

The third man smiles and looks St Pete in the eye.

"I know what Easter is. Easter is the Christian holiday that
coincides with the Jewish celebration of Passover. Jesus and his
disciples were eating at the Last Supper and He was later deceived
and turned over to the Romans by one of his disciples. The Romans
took Him to be crucified, stabbed Him in the side, made Him wear
a crown of thorns, and hung Him on a cross. He was buried in a
nearby cave that was sealed off by a large boulder. Every year
the boulder is moved aside so that Jesus can come out and, if He
sees His shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter."

(author unknown)


Please travel carefully if you're on the bunny trail this Easter
(especially if you plan to be on the hops).

Happy Easter.


PS Lest we forget: Remember Anzac Day on Tuesday.

Yvette Nielsen, Editor
phone 041 771 8683
Brizcomm, PO Box 2026, Bardon, Queensland 4065, Australia

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