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Halfway there


Volume 1, No. 26, 19/7/2000


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 1, No. 26 Halfway there July 19, 2000

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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Can't believe it's been six months today since the first issue of
this newsletter.

Congratulations to you all for sticking with it, particularly those
who've been here since the early days.

I won't wax lyrical this week - web content workshop tomorrow and
lots of good stuff for you to read below.




1. Web content tip
2. Cyber law seminar
3. Free books
4. Protect yourself
5. Hot job
6. Columnists
7. Surf Club links
8. Weekly chuckle


1. Web content tip

Few web writers can claim to be veterans in the new medium.

We're all newbies compared with the long history of dead-tree media.

How do you get online experience if you don't have any?

I've long advocated for content wannabes to have a crack at building
their own sites to show they at least understand the medium.

You don't need anything flash (or Flash). Keep it simple or, better
still, do a contra deal with a graphic designer or programmer.

The experience of planning and preparing your site will give you
valuable insight into the limitations (and possibilities) of the
wonderful World Wide Web.

Veteran interactive-writing teacher Crawford Kilian offers a few
suggestions to help you present an online resume that will stand out
among the growing mottled pack of would-be content professionals.

While creating your personal masterpiece, remember his wise words:

"In this medium, we learn more from our mistakes than our successes."



2. Cyber law seminar

Are agreements in cyberspace as binding as they’re made out to be?

What sort of clauses should be included, how many clicks do you need,
and what sort of disclaimers should you have on your site?

Software Engineering Australia (SEA) has invited lawyer Hamish Fraser
from McCullough Robertson to cover such issues in a seminar at SEA
from 6pm-8pm next Thursday, July 27.

Other topics will include tips and traps for contracting online and
exclusion clauses in contracts.

Cost is $15 members and $30 non-members. Venue is 107 Quay Street.

RSVP to cathy.Norris@sea.net.au


3. Free books

Drop me an email if you'd like a free copy of two new fantasy novels
or a new Aussie kids' book.

"Medalon - The Demon Child Trilogy: Book One" (Voyager) is Australian
author Jennifer Fallon's first offering.

"Grand Conspiracy - Alliance of Light: Book Two" (Voyager) is a primal
original by Janny Wurts.

"Selby Snaps!" (Angus&Robertson) is the latest in the talking dog series
written by Duncan Ball and illustrated by Allan Stomann.

Just one thing: you have to write a 100-word review of your book for
brizcomm. Deal?

PS looking forward to reading reviews from previous book winners
(hint, hint).


4. Protect yourself

If you use chat or messaging software such as ICQ or MSN Messenger,
or you have an open Internet connection over cable or ISDN lines,
check that your computer's back door is deadlocked.

Hackers can easily enter and create havoc with your system.

Anti-virus programs will not help. You need a personal firewall.

Brisbane radio computer show host Ray Shaw explains all this week
along with details about Telstra's new broadband Internet-over-copper
ADSL services (to be launched on August 7), Internet Explorer
5.5, email stress, a mobile phone that plays camera, Windows 2000 Service
Pack 1, and the long-awaited arrival of the Intel 815E chipset.



5. Hot job

Queensland University of Technology is seeking a wordsmith to work
five days a week in the recruiting unit at Kelvin Grove campus until
the end of October.

You'll need sharp writing, proofreading and/or event management skills.

The job will be involve project management or marketing assistant work,
depending on your experience. You'll need to start immediately.

Email Andrea Hammond at a.Hammond@qut.edu.au or phone 07 3864 3181
for more details - and tell her brizcomm sent you.


6. Columnists

Pollyanna has some hairy tales for you this week on brizcomm.com.au
while Old Grumpy reckons justice is really off the rails.

American Carol Ann Smith sees Aussies the right way up while the
Gold Coast's Cam Koo takes on religious home invaders.

Tell 'em what you think of their weekly contributions by email.


7. Surf Club
* all reviews are hotlinked at http://www.brizcomm.com.au/

Time Management
If you could package time, it would make the perfect gift for most
of us these days. Glean a few "timely time management tips" from Dr
Donald E. Wetmore, a leading authority on time management. Increase
your personal productivity to give yourself more time and balance
in life. Sign up for free weekly articles or take the stress test
to find out how burnt out you really are.
In a net shell: Stop the clock.

Atom Films
Turn off the tele and plug into Atom Films for an incredible
assortment of entertaining shorts, animations and digital media.
Enjoy full-length screenings, filmmaker interviews and profiles,
Indie headlines and daily picks. Titles include the Oscar-winning
"Creature Comforts". Join Atom Insider for a free all-access pass
and personalised playlist.
In a net shell: Mind blowing.

Queensland Scottish Association
Relive the past with the Queensland Scottish Association's living
history group, the Volunteer Corps. The colonial-era re-enactment
group performs at festivals, weddings and memorial services. Read the
original group's diary, learn the drill, meet the rogues in the gallery or
sign up for the corps.
In a net shell: In kilter.

Prize Page
Competition buffs will enjoy this site that aims to list pretty
much everything you can win in Australia, from cars to cash, houses
to holidays. Some competitions are Web based and many do not require
a purchase.
In a net shell: Luck of the draw.

Make Stuff
If you like to make stuff, this site's for you. You'll find tips,
tricks and ideas for craft projects, sewing, recycling, gardening,
gifts, homemade formulas and cooking. See the home-based business
page for articles on how to make your craft or hobby pay. You can
also find free or postage-only craft samples, kits and instruction
In a net shell: Makes sense.

The Sports Cliché List
"It's a game of two halves." Although this site is American, its
collection of sporting cliches, jargon and lingo and even stadium
anthems has universal flavour. The site's creators define a sports
cliché as "an expression that has been used in and around sports with
sufficient frequency over a protracted period such that it is 'tired'
at best and meaningless at worst".
In a net shell: For all the fans.

Happy Cow
"I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals, it's because I hate
vegetables." Vegetarians and vegans can find restaurants and health
food stores throughout the world with the Happy Cow's global guide.
View listings by location or search by keyword.
In a net shell: Happy trails.


8. Weekly chuckle

A man stopped at a florist's to buy roses for his wife after work.

As the florist was putting the finishing touches on the bouquet,
another man burst through the door, breathlessly requesting a dozen
red roses.

"I'm sorry," the florist said. "This man just ordered our last bunch."

The desperate customer turned to the other man and begged, "May I please
have those roses?"

"What happened?" the first man asked. "Did you forget your wedding

"It's even worse than that," the second man confided. "I crashed my
wife's hard drive."


Here's to another jolly six months. Cheers.


Yvette Nielsen, Editor
phone 041 771 8683
Brizcomm, PO Box 2026, Bardon, Queensland 4065, Australia

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