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Unsung heroes


Volume 1, No. 37, 4/10/2000


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 1, No. 37 Unsung heroes October 4, 2000

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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The Olympics might be over but the competitive spirit was alive
and kicking in the exhibition hall of the Brisbane Hilton today.

Dozens of Queensland's brightest brains were on hand to present
their innovations to judges of the Asia-Pacific Queensland IT&T
Awards for Excellence.

The glory of winning one of these awards almost guarantees gold
in the bank and you don't even have to sport a leotard.

Nervous nominees must wait until November 25 to find out whether
they've won but, judging by today's displays, Australia has more
than a few new heroes in the making.

Congratulations to all involved.



1. Web content tip
2. Trainers needed
3. How to buy a computer
4. Columns
5. Surf Club links
6. Weekly chuckle


1. Web content tip

Selecting a domain name for your site is becoming more difficult
by the day as cybersquatters covet combinations of every word in
the English dictionary.

And don't think you're safe if your domain ends in .com.au

If a similar .com name has been trademarked, you could be wrestling
with big American corporate attorneys down the track.

NameBoy is a handy little tool to get the creative juices pumping.

Just enter two keywords, select the type of site, choose hyphen
and/or rhyming feature, and hit "go nameboy go".

You'll see three columns: available names, taken names, and for
sale names.

It's good fun and, you never know, you might create the next
FatBrain, Google or JustBalls.com

Try it for free at http://www.nameboy.com/


2. Trainers needed

If you have an IT background and want to make a few extra dollars
on the side, Software Engineering Australia (SEA) needs trainers.

Preferably, you'll have experience in Delphi, VB, Java, Linux, XML,
project management, embedded systems, software design, component
based development for distributed systems, component technology,
ecommerce architecture, ASP design or WAP.

Contact Cathy Norris on (07) 3236 1111 or email cathy.norris@sea.net.au


3. How to buy a computer

Brisbane's Ray Shaw, described as the "Ralph Nader" of the computer
industry, has released a new version of his free "No-Nonsense Guide
to Buying a Good Computer".

He's also completed a "Quick Guide" to HOME and SOHO systems if you
need a checklist of components when comparison shopping.

Click on "Guide" at http://www.rayshaw.im.com.au

By the way, Ray's keen to create a dialogue on the issue of mid-life
career changes to the IT industry:

"It seems that it's dominated by young bucks when the wisdom and
experience of the older generation is being ignored."

See http://www.rayshaw.im.com.au/default.asp?article=0000000248

PS Don't forget the "Real women, unreal jobs" role model event for
students and career changers on Wednesday, October 18 - see


4. Columns

Brizcomm adds a special guest columnist to its eclectic collection
this week with DJ No MC from radical Brisbane radio station 4ZZZFM.

Rekindle those Sydney moments with his "Olympic Review for the 27th

Pollyanna shares a few quiet moments re-reading "Letters from Mum",
Carol Ann White discovers that "shells ain't shells" while Cameron Koo
takes a jab at world boxing.

Get them while they're fresh at http://www.brizcomm.com.au


5. Surf Club

Australian Bird Atlas Map Viewer
Bird lovers will enjoy this site offering maps for species, range
and breeding throughout Australia. Just select a map type and click
"Go" (be patient, the Java-driven database is massive). If you're
planning a trip, you can create a list based on location and season
to know what to expect to see during your visit.
In a net shell: Site of fancy.

Moving Stories
Take a journey through the lives and culture of an outer-suburban
Brisbane caravan park. Moving Stories is a virtual caravan park
based on real-life characters and stories and part of the Brisbane
Stories community web. Take a guided tour through the park, meet
the amazing people who live there, pick up hints on van life or
view the stunning re-coloured black and white stills (by photographer
Pandora Karavan - no pun intended).
In a net shell: Van-tastic.

Active minds need recreation too. Give your brain a working holiday
with a mind-blowing range of free games, puzzles, postcards and
activities from Thinks.com. It's educational and entertaining -
bookmark this one for a rainy day.
In a net shell: Ouch.

Internet FamilyFinder
Discover where you fit into the global family tree. Simply type in
your name, click and you will be found among the plethora of other
online geneaology sites, message boards, virtual cemeteries, family
home pages, commercial geneaology CDs, GenealogyLibrarian, and other
databases. You'll find lots of other useful tools too.
In a net shell: The missing link.

In Passing Club
"I could fully get away with that ... she worships the water I walk on."
- One guy to another, walking past a porch. The In Passing Club collects
snippets of conversations overhead by everyday people in their everyday
lives giving you "a two-second window into someone else's life". Choose
from categories including funny, ironic, bizarre, tragic, funny graffiti
and scenes.
In a net shell: Addictive.

GO Search Image Gallery
When you need to find an image quickly, try the GO Network's Image
Gallery search. Just type in a keyword and away you go.
In a net shell: Time saver.

If the Olympics have inspired you to seek a career in the sports
industry, pick up a few tips at this site. Read practical advice
from seasoned experts to score a job in sports marketing, ticketing,
fitness instructing, writing, broadcasting, coaching, media relations
and numerous other fields.
In a net shell: Training arena.


6. Weekly chuckle

You know you're in danger of suffering Olympics Burnout if...

* You've decided on a name for your next child - Cathy if it's a girl,
Van den Hoogenband if it's a boy.

* You've actually spotted Syd, Millie or Olly.

* You've had your driver's licence laminated and you are wearing it
around your neck.

* Wife: "Darling, can you put out the rubbish? " Husband: "Oi, Oi, Oi."

* You don't know the entire Lithuanian national anthem, but you are pretty
sure the first line is "Lithuania, our homeland, you are the land of

* You have tried hypnotism, heavy drugs and three days in confinement,
but you still can't get the songs Absolutely Everybody, Carry the Flame
and Dare to Dream out of your head.

* When you called your girlfriend a "fat-arsed wombat" you meant it as a

* You've worked out how the cycling points race works - only eight days
after the cycling points race finished.

* You know you have to go back to work next Tuesday, but you can't
remember if you are a dental hygienist or an undertaker.

* You're thinking of taking up jogging in your lunch hour because, hey,
Athens is only four years away.

* You've forgotten what Eddie McGuire and the entire cast of Chicago
Hope look like.

* You slipped on a nose peg down at the local pool when nobody was
looking and tried to see if you could do the splits under water.


Seeya next week.


Yvette Nielsen, Editor
phone 041 771 8683

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