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Time poor, information rich


Volume 1, No. 38, 11/10/2000


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Volume 1, No. 38 Time poor, information rich October 11, 2000

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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If only we could save time in a bottle. As 70s songwriter Jim Croce
lamented, "there never seems to be enough time to do the things you
want to do once you find them".

Anyone who has surfed the Net knows how quickly you can lose track
of time in cyberspace.

Today I took time out to get a grip - on a golf club. Saturday I
spent in a public-speaking workshop with the amazing Dale Spender.

When you can't take a holiday, take a class (my next web content
workshop is Thursday, November 9, incidentally).

As Net writer Sacha Cohen says in "Power Networking", "tapping into
creative and physical activities can make you more productive as an
eWorker and provide you with additional networking opportunities".
See http://www.ework.com/content_article.cfm?article_id=42&epin=1492

If you don't know what to study, get along to the Women in IT role
model extravaganza - Real Women, Unreal Jobs - next Wednesday
afternoon/evening at Clunies Ross Centre, Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane.

Presentations will cover a colourful spectrum of new careers (and
you'll pick up great prizes and giveaways). Find out more and
register free online at www.wit.org.au If you can't make it, tune in
on the day for live videostreams.

Hope to see you there.



1. Web content tip
2. Australians online
3. Net-savvy promotions job
4. Columns
5. Surf Club links
6. Weekly chuckle


1. Web content tip

The simple tips are often the best. This one's courtesy of Ilise
Benun, author of "Self Promotion Online" to be published by North
Light Books next month:

"When you go to a networking event or conference, put your web
address on your name tag, along with your name. It will be a
conversation starter and plant a little seed for someone to visit
your web site."


2. Australians online

Results from the www.consult 9th Australian Online survey are out.

Internet users were invited to participate in the survey - promoted
from August to September 2000 - with a total of 54,939 responses.

The 20-29 year age bracket was the biggest group followed by the
30-39 year olds.

Gender wise, 45% of users were female.

The top concern was computer viruses and 43% of users were "very
satisfied" with online shopping.

You'll have to pay for the full report but you can see summaries at:


3. Net-savvy promotions job

Passionate about the Net and seeking work for three months?

A Brisbane-based organisation needs someone to refresh two web sites,
conduct basic Internet and email training, and maintain PC equipment
and software.

You'll work as part of a small team and possess initiative, solid
inter-personal skills (oral and written), and a healthy respect for
deadlines and heavy workloads.

Interested? Email me at yvette@brizcomm.com.au and I'll forward as
a favour (but please don't ask me for more details or whether you
got the job).


4. Columns

This week, Pollyanna visits the real "animal farm" while Carol Ann
White prepares to defend her island paradise against tourists.

Hot off the email at http://www.brizcomm.com.au


5. Surf Club

Olympic Chooks
Some people will remember the Sydney 2000 Olympics for the sport.
Others, such as Australian researcher Dr Jeff Craig, will remember
the Games as a chicken. Dr Craig, of the Chromosome Research Group
at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Parkville, has
animated the Sydney Olympics symbol to prove that it's really a
chook in disguise.
In a net shell: Gene genie.

Astronet Free Instant Readings
If you don't have time to consult an expert for a psychic reading,
go online. You'll find free instant readings to determine your
attraction factor, sex appeal, sun sign soul mate and self-expression
In a net shell: Your future's online.

Companies in the 21st century that make an environmental and
social contribution, as well as being financially responsible, are
true leaders of the new economy. This non-profit Australian
initiative relies on the generosity of sponsors and Net surfers to
help solve poverty. Just click the button once each day to donate
25c and an hour of online learning to the needy.
In a net shell: Click to give.

Suspicion of Murder
Who says you need bells and whistles to make a good game? This
interactive text-based murder mystery places you in the role of
detective. As in any non-linear story, the next move is up to you
but, fortunately, the detective can't die.
In a net shell: Gotcha.

When you're not working on your computer, why not let it join the
quest to solve the computationally demanding question of how proteins
fold in space. Understanding how proteins self-assemble (or "fold")
is a holy grail of modern molecular biophysics. Diseases such as
Alzheimer's, cystic fibrosis, Mad Cow disease, inherited emphysema
and cancer are believed to result from protein misfolding. To help,
download the cool screen saver.
In a net shell: Unfolding mystery.

Forbes 400 Richest People
The Forbes annual tally of the richest 400 people in America is
out with Microsoft's Bill Gates on top (surprise, surprise). Of
the wealthy, 298 are billionaires and the average member is worth
$US3 billion. Each listing includes a short bio and photo. You can
also check out other lists including the world's richest people,
top 40 athletes, celebrity 100, tech billionaires and top companies.
In a net shell: Money, money, money.

Wills on the Web
For those with a morbid bent, this site presents the final wishes
of assorted celebrities and mere mortals. Offerings include Diana
- Princess of Wales, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, slaves, and "The
Last Will and Testament of Flat Broke". Follow the links to estate-
planning and "death-related sites".
In a net shell: Weird.


6. Weekly chuckle

Ten public servants standing in a line
One of them was downsized then there were nine.

Nine public servants who must negotiate
One joined the union then there were eight.

Eight public servants thought they were in heaven
'Til one of them was redeployed then there were seven.

Seven public servants, their jobs as safe as bricks
But one was reclassified then there were six.

Six public servants trying to survive
One of them was privatised then there were five.

Five public servants ready to give more
But one golden handshake reduced them to four.

Four public servants full of loyalty
Their jobs were all readvertised then there were three.

Three public servants under review
One left on secondment then there were two.

Two public servants coping on the run
One went on stress leave then there was one.

The last public servant agreed to relocate
He was replaced by 10 consultants at twice the hourly rate.


Send her down, Hughie (translation for non-Aussies: More rain please).


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