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In a perfect world


Volume 1, No. 41, 1/11/2000


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 1, No. 41 In a perfect world November 1, 2000

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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My comments last week about the difference between journalists and
online writers drew a few interesting responses.

One reader pointed out, tongue in cheek (I think), that
journalists do not have a "morgij on this greta new opportunity
for people such as me to express my litry bent".

I agree, which is why I am willing to share my knowledge of new
and old media with professional and non-professional writers alike.

With the overwhelming amount of information available, demand for
professional "filters" and online content creators can only grow.

In a perfect world, the web development team would include a
technical expert, a graphic designer, a content creator/editor,
a PR/marketer, a business strategist and project manager (to pull
the lot together - or apart, at times).

In the real world, many of us must multi-task.

I don't have a conflict of interest with that. There's enough work
out there for us all to learn and share from each other.

Anyone can write but not everyone leaves his or her readers content.


PS I still have a few seats left for next Thursday's web content
workshop in Brisbane - if you're quick - see www.brizcomm.com.au


1. Web content tip
2. Not so Flash
3. Free publicity
4. Columns
5. Surf Club links
6. Weekly chuckle


1. Web content tip

Famed usability gurus Jakob Nielsen and Kara Pernice Coyne show
how to test your site's search interface for usability:



2. Not so Flash

Jakob Nielsen tackles multimedia posers in his latest column.

While technology such as Flash has its role, he reckons current
use tends to discourage usability for three reasons:

* it makes bad design more likely
* it breaks with the web's fundamental interaction style, and
* it consumes resources that would be better spent enhancing a
site's core value.

No wonder this bloke charges $US5,000 an hour for a consultation.

Read the Alertbox column at:


3. Free publicity

Here's your chance to promote your products and services free to
Australian and international markets.

The Queensland IT&T Products and Services Guide 2000 profiles
Queensland IT&T companies and is designed to be a time-saving
reference for businesses sourcing IT&T products and services.

The guide will be distributed to prospective customers on CD-ROM
and the Information Industries Bureau web site.

You can register free online and also upload a word-processing file
or PDF (up to 100Kb) outlining your key capabilities.

Just fill out the form at:www.iib.qld.gov.au/guide/default.asp

Be quick - registrations close at 5pm on Monday (November 6).


4. Columns

Cameron Koo is really fired up this week with a stinging attack on
Australia's Government while Carol Ann White is blown away by wild
weather on her piece of paradise.

Old Grumpy takes a hard line on not-so-soft drinks while Pollyanna
offers a warning to crook chook cooks.

All yours at http://www.brizcomm.com.au

* the opinions expressed by brizcomm's columnists are entirely
their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site owner


5. Surf Club

Pathways For Men
"Contrary to popular belief, not all men are rapists, paedophiles and
bastards." That's the message from the Men's Health and Well-being
Association of Queensland, the organiser of this weekend's Pathways
for Men in the Gold Coast hinterland for learning and celebrating
manhood. Learn more at the site.
In a net shell: E males.

Australian Small Businesswomen's Directory Online
Australian women wishing to promote their small businesses online can
do so free at this new directory. The site also offers forums and news.
Simply create an account, log in and enter your details. Follow the
Web links for information on tools, courses, exporting, grants, GST,
professional organisations, finance, marketing, networking, technology,
teleworking, training and venture capital.
In a net shell: Go for it.

Australasian Virtual Engineering Library
If you're seeking quality resources on Australasian IT and engineering,
stop in at AVEL. The portal includes 3000 links along with free services
including conferences, opportunities, books, theses and reports. AVEL is
a collaborative venture led by the University of Queensland.
In a net shell: Time saver.

Tacky Mail
The tacky postcard archive is dedicated to "preserving the bad taste of
our era for future generations". Use the Tackymatic to flick through
random postcards, browse through the classics and favourites, select
a category (from Badvertising to Just Offal) or email a tacky postcard
for that special occasion.
In a net shell: Tack attack.

AdFlip claims to be the world's largest searchable database of classic
print ads. Search by keyword or browse by category (from automotive to
travel) or decade. For a quick hit, try the top 10 or "what's hot".
In a net shell: Fab ads.

Dr Seuss Went To War
Theodore Geisel was the real name behind children's book author Dr Seuss.
This collection draws from his pen-and-ink work as chief editorial
cartoonist for a New York newspaper from 1941-1943.
In a net shell: Seriously Seuss.

Executive Technology
To stay ahead of the competition, you need to keep up with the technology.
This online magazine is for retail executives, presidents, CEOs, CFOs
and CIOs. See how other execs are leveraging IT to enhance business
practices in customer care, sales and merchandising, iBiz, IT
architecture, staff, and apparel and home technology.
In a net shell: Head start.

Book Radio
One of the best parts of being a kid is having books read to you.
Rekindle the pleasure with Book Radio, a 24-hour free online service
dedicated to sharing a love of reading through audio. Features include
fiction and non-fiction, author interviews, reviews and Flash-animated
In a net shell: Long live the book.


6. Weekly chuckle

"Never write software that anthropomorphises the machine.
They really hate that." - Unknown


Same time (or thereabouts) next week.


Yvette Nielsen, Editor
phone 041 771 8683

brizcomm - online content consulting and training
PO Box 2026, Bardon, Queensland 4065, Australia

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