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What's in a domain name?


Volume 2, No. 3, 7/2/2001


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 2, No. 3 What's in a domain name? February 7, 2001

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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Beware of letters inviting or billing you to renew your domain name.

I discovered the scam after opening a suspicious, typo-ridden
letter from a Melbourne company claiming to be affiliated with
Melbourne IT, which originally registered my domain - brizcomm.com.au

Both the Australian Domain Name System (.au DNS) and the Australian
Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have released consumer
warnings about misleading notices sent by domain name resellers.

"If you have registered a domain name in .com.au or .net.au you must
renew the domain name licence every two years, irrespective of who
made the original registration. You will normally receive a renewal
letter from the original supplier of your domain name licence shortly
before the registration is due to expire."

The problem is that some companies are not explaining the choices or
are suggesting an association with .au DNS.

Worse, the letters are in the form of invoices charging more than
you need to pay.

You can read the warning at http://www.auda.org.au/alert_renewal.html

By the way, sorry if I alarmed some of you last week by announcing
my plan to change list hosts.

If I do move this newsletter to Yahoo!Groups, rest assured I'll
not send it in HTML format unless you request it.

I realise many people prefer plain text, that many email programs don't
handle HTML or smarty-pants modems start dialling automatically when
a message including images is received.

Reader rules - always.


PS Please note new venue for Brisbane workshop at www.brizcomm.com.au
Still finalising dates for other cities and new workshops. Thanks for
your patience.


1. Web content tip
2. Search rage
3. The Y Files (Q&A)
4. Columns
5. Surf Club
6. Reader's choice
7. Weekly thought


1. Web content tip

The rewards in 2001 will go to web sites with relevant, timely and
unconventional content, according to ClickZ writer Susan Solomon.

Hire great writers, don't overdo syndicated content and go for
loyalty, not hits, are among her tips for web site developers:

But if you must buy off-the-rack content, "gather ye wisely":


2. Search rage

If you thought web searching could be more efficient, you're not

According to a study conducted on behalf of search engine WebTop.com,
12 minutes searching the web for accurate information is enough to
frustrate most American Internet users.

Americans search practically every other day on average, spend about
1.5 hours a week searching, are mostly seeking news and entertainment
information, and generally do locate what they are looking for.

Another study, for answer service Keen.com, found that Americans need
answers to four questions a day, spend nearly nine hours a week looking
for those answers, online or off, and that the Internet has become their
top information resource.

Learn more about both studies at:


3. The Y Files (Q&A)

Cynthia from Armidale provided this week's question:

Q: "What are the essential items to include on your home page?"

A: Many sites make the mistake of trying to cram too much
information into their opening page. A cluttered home page is
a turn-off to weary web surfers. Basically, you need to say who
you are, what you can do for me, where can I go and what can I do,
what's new, and how can I contact you (including phone and "brick
and mortar" address). A site map and search button are handy too.

Go on, ask me something (I won't print your name unless you want
me to - and I'll even send you a free book). Just email your question
to yvette@brizcomm.com.au


4. Columns

Teachers, particularly, will enjoy Pollyanna's column this week as
she closes her old school books and a chapter in life.

Carol Ann White investigates the fears behind stonefish, sharks and
spider bites.

See http://www.brizcomm.com.au


5. Surf Club

All Readers
If you're like most readers, you enjoy certain kinds of plots,
characters, dialogue, action and settings. Imagine if you could
search for a new book just by searching for those elements. That's
exactly how this site works. You can also contribute your own book
In a net shell: Bookmark for bookworms.

When you want a quick and easy home-cooked meal, drop by this site.
You'll find complete menus and shopping lists for meat, poultry,
pasta, seafood, salads, soups and stews that you can prepare and
serve in 20 minutes. At that rate, you'll have time left over to
whip up a dessert. Don't miss the minute tips (eg storing plastic
wrap in the refrigerator makes it easier to use and handle…especially
in finding the end).
In a net shell: Fast food.

Jargon-Free Web
Techno and corporate jargon is rife on the Web. This site is devoted
to exposing PR babble. If your press releases include words on the
"jargon trash list" (eg solution, robust, leading), chances are
you're wasting your time. Submit your release to the Jargonator to
see how you rate.
In a net shell: Just say "no" to jargon.

Abstinence Monitor
If your New Year's resolution needs reinforcement, download this
free tool to remind yourself how much money you've saved since
kicking a habit (eg smoking, drinking, coffee, chocolate). The
monitor keeps you up to date every second.
In a net shell: Time to change.

Musicians might like to keep an eye on this developing project
to make copyright-free musical scores available to the public.
Copyright on scores expires 70 years after the composer's death
but music publishers retain copyright on typeset editions. The
only legal way to access the music is to write out or typeset
the scores yourself and let others copy them - which is the
essence of Mutopia.
In a net shell: Free the music.

Jezebel's Mirror
Web designer Heather Champ took a self-portrait photo in a bathroom
mirror in 1986. Four years later, she realised she'd amassed quite
a collection and created a digital album featuring 500 "mirror"
photos. The site has developed a cult following with others who've
captured their image in a range of reflective surfaces. Don't miss
the two contributed "mirror" photographs taken 70 years apart with
the same Brownie camera.
In a net shell: Off the wall.

Parenting Today's Teen
Before your teenager moves out (or in), be sure to drop by this site.
You'll find "information, insight and support" including expert
articles on a wide range of topics (from parties to pot), book
reviews, humour (you'll need it), communication tips, life skills,
lingo and links. Single and step parents get special treatment.
In a net shell: Get with it.


6. Reader's choice

Thanks to Sally Cripps, from Blackall in outback Queensland, for
this week's site review. A copy of Mark Latham's "What did you
learn today" (Allen & Unwin) is on its way to you.

Aficionados call it the King of the One Horse Sports and a look at
this site soon explains why - the photo library displays a startling
array of the lengths players go to in pursuit of a little white ball.
Riders hang from stirrups, cling desperately to bridles and bounce
off rumps in this Australian-invented sport. You can find out more
about the poor relation to polo by searching for a carnival date
near you.
In a net shell: Horsing around.


7. Weekly chuckle

An elephant is drinking out of a river when he spots a turtle
asleep on a log. The elephant ambles over and kicks the unsuspecting
turtle clear across the river.

"Why did you do that"? asks a passing giraffe.

"Because I recognised it as the same turtle that took a nip out of
my trunk 47 years ago."

Wow, what a memory!" says the giraffe.

"Yes," says the elephant, "turtle recall."


Seeya next week.


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