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Have a Virus-free Valentine's


Volume 2, No. 4, 14/2/2001


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 2, No. 4 Have a Virus-free Valentine's February 14, 2001

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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Just a quickie this week but I have a good excuse: I have to catch
a plane in an hour and haven't even started packing.

BHP Steel has invited me down to wonderful Wollongong again (which
is not at all industrial) to train their staff in the wonders of
email writing and publishing.

Ironic, really, considering how much emphasis I place on deadlines.

Anyway, the good news is that the workshop will form the basis for
a new public Email Publishing Workshop. Stay tuned.

Gotta fly.


PS only three seats left for next week's web content workshop -
see www.brizcomm.com.au


1. Web content tip
2. Multimedia graduates
3. Surf Club
4. Weekly thought


1. Web content tip

Is online advertising a waste of time and money?

Find out the pros, the cons and which advertising business models
work in this article:


2. Multimedia graduates

The first students in the world's first all-woman multimedia course
graduate in Brisbane on Friday.

And having seen some of their work at an exhibition in the city
last night, I reckon the girls will be snapped up like hot cross buns
on Easter Thursday.

The course, with fees subsidised by the State Government, was set
up by QANTM Australia CMC and Southbank Institute of TAFE.

After one year, the 34 students - who range in age from 18 to 60 -
have gained a dual Diploma of Multimedia and Certificate IV in IT

For more info about the course, phone QANTM on 1300 136 933 or visit

You can see the women's work at http://www.cool.qld.edu.au/


3. Surf Club

Cards You Won't See In The Stores
Looking for a virtual Valentine's Day card with a twist? Try
Amused.com's "love, lust and get lost" selection. For example:
"Don't go away mad. Just go away." Or: "It's better to lose a
lover than love a loser." You get the idea.
In a net shell: Straight to the heart.

Most Popular Search Terms 2000
Search terms mirror the "hottest and coolest" in pop culture as
well as the breaking news Web readers seek. Seems sex and Britney
Spears (not necessarily together) are top of the pops.
In a net shell: Key words.

Learn 2 Type
As computers touch practically every aspect of life these days,
the ability to touch-type is vital. As with multiplication tables,
it's really just a matter of practice. Take the test to work out
your speed then try the free basic exercises, more complex exercises
or games. Read the resources page for hints on preventing injury.
In a net shell: Finger food.

Australian Road Condition Reports
The next time you want to check road conditions before a journey,
check this site from motoring organisation RACQ. Just click on
the map for an up-to-date report compiled from police information.
Follow the links to meteorological reports, Main Roads' travel
calculator and other alerts.
In a net shell: Be prepared.

Online Classics
If you like your performing arts live, try the next best thing.
Online Classics streams live and archived video-on-demand of opera,
theatre, concerts, plays, dance and musicals. It's free - for now.
You'll need a fast connection for tolerable viewing quality or you
can simply listen.
In a net shell: Cyber culture.

PageTalk Comedy Zone
Much of the punch in a joke is in the telling. Hear the "audio
joke of the day" at PageTalk and, if it made you laugh, email
to a friend. Categories include political, sports, computer,
legal, medical and miscellaneous.
In a net shell: Heard it?

If you can't afford a real motorbike, you could always make a
paper model. Download instructions for all kinds of paper craft,
from rare Japanese animals to seasonal symbols to an
authentic-looking Yamaha Sports YZF-R1 (that's a bike).
In a net shell: Crafty.

The Quackatorium
The next time you're tempted to complain about modern medicine,
remember the Quackatorium. This online collection offers "a sometimes
penetrating look at antique medical quackery and electrotherapy
devices". Creepy equipment on display includes the Radio Disease
Killer, galvanic batteries and the Vitapulsar.
In a net shell: Ouch.


4. Weekly chuckle

Love is Blind

After a quarrel, a husband said to his wife, "You know, I was a
fool when I married you."

She replied: "Yes, dear, but I was in love and didn't notice."


Love the one you're with (or at least try not to hate him/her too much).


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