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Easy dot.com come, easy dot.com go


Volume 2, No. 5, 21/2/2001


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 2, No. 5 Easy dot.com come, easy dot.com go Feb 21, 2001

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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Good and bad news from last week's workshop for BHP in Wollongong.

Good: the new email writing and publishing workshop drew great
feedback so I'll be announcing new public workshop dates soon.

Bad: Cab was late. I missed my plane.

Good: I caught the next one - and made my own newsletter deadline.

Still heaps of doom and gloom hanging over the Net as dot.coms
continue tightening their belts (even old media are feeling the

Particularly sad this week was the death of Inkspot, *the* site
for writers since 1995. Seventy staff and volunteers have lost
work but I have no doubt they'll find new jobs easily. Content is
still queen, after all.


PS next week's column will be a special edition from Singapore -
I've been invited to speak at a conference on content management.


1. Web content tip
2. Cheap domain names
3. The Y Files (Q&A)
4. Columns
5. Surf Club
6. Reader's choice
7. Weekly thought


1. Web content tip

What goes up must come down. Over-ambitious dot.coms just have to
learn to keep their feet on the ground and heads above water (how's
that for a mixed metaphor) - whatever you do, don't curtail content.

As American content consultant Amy Gahran points out in her email
newsletter this week, the new economy will rebound with stronger
business models and even more competition.

She says traditional "brick-and-mortar" companies should use this
quieter time to regroup and strengthen their content before the
next wave.

Read Amy's other tips for online content businesses in 2001:


2. Cheap domain names

Registering your domain as a .com as well as a .com.au makes sense
in today's global marketplace.

You never know when an international trademark or intellectual
property lawyer will knock on your inbox.

To be safe, and to catch stray traffic, I recently registered

Much online research revealed Paris-based registrar www.gandi.net
as my best bet at 12 euros a year (about $A20).

Gandi.net is accredited by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers).

Australia's own Melbourne IT was top of the pops (but a little
more expensive):


3. The Y Files (Q&A)

This week's Net-related question is from Brisbane's Carmen Myler.
For her trouble, Carmen picks up a copy of "Earthly Delights"
(temptations for love and passion) by Jackie French:

Q: "Have you got any tips on managing content in a large bureaucracy
where many different people are responsible for the information on
the web site, and a small team of people is charged with managing
that? Perhaps you've worked with people who are doing this successfully?"

A: Studies have found that the amount of data inside a corporation
doubles every six to eight months. To ease the pain of managing their
Intranet and web pages, many corporations are turning to content
management software. These tools help ensure a unified look, keep
track of company documentation and make e-commerce sites easier to
modify. With the help of databases and templates, non-technical staff
can update pages easily without having to know HTML, FTP or any other
acronym. To ensure consistency in writing style, structure and format,
you should develop a corporate site style guide outlining your online
publishing policies and procedures (eg approval processes, shared
access), editorial preferences (eg email or e-mail) and brand or
corporate identity standards. As for the human challenge, ensure
every team member appreciates the concepts of respect, communication
and education.

Amy Gahran sums it up well in her article, "How to play on a web team":

"Untangling Web Content Management" is an excellent guide to choosing
a content management solution:


4. Columns

They're back! Pollyanna cools off by recalling the days of the ice
man while Carol Ann White tries to explain the real role of a humour

brizcomm introduces a new columnist this week: Queensland public
servant Bill Harper (alias Bill-Bored).

Read Bill's reflections on Valentine's Day.


5. Surf Club

Brispop.com is a non-profit site designed to promote the Brisbane
indie pop/rock scene. Read news and profiles of local bands or
follow links to their official home pages. Developing musicians
and their followers will appreciate the directory of useful industry
resources (eg "musicians wanted", venues, rehearsal spaces), gig
recommendations and CD reviews.
In a net shell: Indie know.

Business Plan Ware
Writing a business plan can be a scary but valuable exercise
(especially if you're wooing the bank manager or venture capitalists).
The free planning tools and guides at this site can ease your pain
with a step-by-step template business plan. You can also develop
financial projections and business strategies, read white papers
or download monthly planning calendars.
In a net shell: Plan to succeed.

Baby Names
This site has been "naming the world, one baby at a time" since 1996.
Search by name and meaning or browse through all the listings
(including most popular, Shakespeare or soap operas). See the
"pic of the month", ask grandma or print out snazzy free name art.
In a net shell: Baby talk.

WetCanvas: ArtSchools Online
Don't let a lack of confidence or money stop you from making your
mark in art. This community site is part magazine, part virtual
classroom and part reference site. Find free art lessons (eg drawing,
painting, sculpting, digital art, colour, perspective), lesson plans,
forums, quick tips, features and free virtual gallery space for any
artist wanting to exhibit online.
In a net shell: Free style.

Dot Calm
For a quick fix of calm during a hectic day, visit Dot.calm. Learn
ways to calm down, focus and become inspired with a free short
audio/video from spiritual guru Deepak Chopra. Follow the links for
a free I-Ching or tarot reading.
In a net shell: Take a breather.

"Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or
accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others." - Danny Thomas.
GiveSpot.com is a free volunteer and philanthropy resource centre to
help you find ways to make a difference in the world. Locate non-profit
and charitable organisations, jobs and volunteer opportunities, social
issues, fund-raising ideas and "click-to-donate" sites.
In a net shell: Spot on.

The Guess My Sex Test
What a difference a hairdo can make. Take a look at these digitally
modified baldies to see if you can work out their gender. Hit "submit"
for your score.
In a net shell: Gender bender.

If you'd rather spend your spare time watching movies than searching
for reviews about movies, bookmark Metacritic. See at a glance how
a video, movie, CD or game rates on a scale from one to 100 based on
a weighted average of all published reviews. If you prefer colour
ratings, green is good, yellow is average, and red is bad. Read a
cross-section of quotes from major critics or follow the links for
the full review.
In a net shell: Quick flick.


6. Reader's choice (archived in Surf Club at www.brizcomm.com.au)

Thanks to Merrett, of Brisbane, for this week's site review. A copy
of "Daughter of the Blood" by Anne Bishop (Book 1 of the Black Jewels
Trilogy) is on its way to you.

Seeking excitement in your wallpaper theme? Looking to pick up some
animations? Drop into digital blasphemy and sample their free range
of fabulous wallpaper - a far cry from the norm.
In a nut shell: Uniquely realistic non-reality.


7. Weekly chuckle

A hungry lion was roaming through the jungle looking for something
to eat. He came across two men. One was sitting under a tree and
reading a book; the other was typing away on his typewriter. The
lion quickly pounced on the man reading the book and devoured him.
Even the king of the jungle knows that readers digest and writers


Talk to you next week from the tropics.


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