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Hot news from the tropics


Volume 2, No. 6, 28/2/2001


discover new sites and the secrets to web success

Volume 2, No. 6 Hot news from the tropics Feb 28, 2001

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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I'm typing this week's newsletter 45km from the Equator.

As a result, the newsletter is short and my ice-cold glass of gin is long.

I'll give you more details next week but, suffice to say, content is
heating up in web development circles over here too.

I spoke about personalisation, the user experience and brand positioning
at a conference on content and web site management on Monday here in

Other speakers addressed topics including permission and viral marketing,
site performance measurement, outsourcing web development, content
management tools, and the brave new world of wireless Internet.

Many of the delegates were from government-funded organisations and big

They face a great challenge to meet their readers' needs in such a diverse
and rapidly evolving marketplace.

We can learn much from Asia. Learn just how much next week.




1. Web content tip
2. Surf Club
3. Weekly chuckle


1. Web content tip

So, you finally want to make some real money from your writing? Or you
want to know how much to pay a writer?

Find out the going rates, among other things, here:


or here (under "my work", "freelance"):


2. Surf Club


The next time you're seeking creative inspiration for an advertising
campaign, browse through this collection of more than 7,000 advertisements
printed in US and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955.
The Ad*Access Project, funded by the Duke Endowment "Library 2000" Fund,
presents images and database information in five subject areas: radio,
television, transportation, beauty and hygiene, and World War II.
In a net shell: Classics.

Reflex Tester
The next time you're about to nod off at your desk, try this quick
response test to see how alert (or not) you really are. Just hit the
button when the background colour changes.
In a net shell: Wake up!

Telephone Songs
When you're really, really bored, you could always tap out a few tunes on
your phone. You'll find the numbers to "Happy Birthday", "Auld Lang Syne"
and "Louie, Louie", among others. Click on "more samples" to learn other
totally useless office skills (eg how send an endless fax or make buzzing
sounds with your credit card).
In a net shell: Engaging music.

Addiction Search
Sometimes the Net can be more of a hindrance than help when you're
searching on a subject as massive as addiction. Whether you're seeking
help on alcohol or compulsive Internet abuse, narrow your focus with the
help of this giant database full of links to research-based, quality
information on treatment and prevention, news, statistics and other
In a net shell: Break free.

"Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen. And thinking
what no one else has thought." - Albert Gyorgi. Experience Africa through
the eyes of Montreal-based freelance photographer and writer Mickey
Bhuiyan. You'll lose yourself in this site, but you won't care. "It's the
journey that matters, not the destination." (Optimised for high bandwidth,
resolution and fidelity.)
In a net shell: Magical.

Are you millionaire material? What breed of dog would you be? What's your
true colour, emotional age, perfect workout or shopping style? Discover
the real you with dozens of free online personality tests prepared by PhD
specialists. If you're game, take the "ultimate personality test" and
compare your results with friends or sign up for your own personalised
In a net shell: Mad about you.

Why lose sleep over forgotten song lyrics when you can download them in a
twinkling online. Search by artist, song, album or text. You can also
request guitar tabs and chords via the message board.
In a net shell: More than words.

Time Flies
If you're not having fun, try making time fly (works for all PCs butonly
on Macs with Netscape).
In a net shell: Time dragging?

Hampster Dance 2
Yes, it's silly, it's pointless but what the hell. Punctuate your day with
a dose of interactive hampster dancing. Speed them up, slow them down,
drag and drop a hampster whenever you feel the urge or see if you can
organise some line dancing to the one beat. School dances were never this
much fun.
In a net shell: Hamming it up.


Weekly chuckle

Three handsome male dogs are walking down the street when they see
abeautiful, enticing, female Poodle.

The three male dogs fall all over themselves in an effort to be the one to
reach her first, but end up arriving in front of her at the same time.

The males are speechless before her beauty, slobbering on themselves and
hoping for just a glance from her in return.

Aware of her charms and her obvious effect on the three suitors, she
decides to be kind and tells them: "The first one who can use the words
"liver" and "cheese" together in an imaginative, intelligent sentence can
go out with me.

"The sturdy, muscular black Lab speaks up quickly and says: "I love liver
and cheese."

"Oh, how childish," said the Poodle. "That shows no imagination or
intelligence whatsoever."

She turned to the tall, shiny Golden Retriever and said: "How well can you

"Um.I HATE liver and cheese," blurts the Golden Retriever."

My, my," said the Poodle. "I guess it's hopeless. That's just as dumb as
the Lab's sentence."

She then turns to the last of the three dogs and says, "How about you,
little guy?"

The last of the three, tiny in stature but big in fame and finesse, is the
Taco Bell Chihuahua.

He gives her a smile, a sly wink, turns to the Golden Retriever and the
Lab and says, "Liver alone. Cheese mine."


Remember, it's what you say and how you say it that counts online (and in
the real world, for that matter).


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Yvette Nielsen, Editor

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