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Have mouse, will travel


Vol. 3, No. 41, 20/11/2002

In This Issue:
* From the editor
* One-day web-writing workshop
* Web content tip
* Email tip
* Readers write
* The Y Files
* Surf Club (web site reviews)
* Reader choice
* Weekly thought
* Need content?
* At your service
* Things that make you go huh?

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From the editor
##first name##

Canberra is a long way from Kingscliff (near the Queensland
and NSW border) but it makes no difference if you work

A laptop, phone line and modem mean you can communicate to
virtually anywhere from virtually anywhere.

I just wish I'd packed a mouse for company. Trying to
publish a newsletter and answer several hundred overdue
emails ain't fun with a laptop touchpad and sloooow dial-up

Still, a change is as good as a holiday. I haven't visited
our national capital for 16 years and had forgotten about
the hot and cold weather, eerily quiet city streets and the
flies (wonder if they're attracted to the parliamentary

My head is buzzing along with the insects after three days
in a large government office trying to prune an overgrown
intranet. Working from home has its advantages - wear what
you like, sit where you like, sleep when you want, swim
when you're hot...

Working from somebody else's office does have its perks -
face-to-face conversation, money, stationery store, money,
a canteen, money, tech support, did I mention money?


PS Read your encouraging responses to last week’s
newsletter -

One-day web-writing workshop
A new year is a great time for a new start. Book a date now
for an in-house workshop for your staff. Choose from web
writing, content essentials (including usability,
accessibility and promotion), or e-newsletters. Email
yvette@brizcomm.com.au for a quote.

More: http://www.brizcomm.com.au/workshops/

Web content tip
Where do you start when faced with a complex, jumbled tower
of information?

From the bottom up, according to New Architect -
” The bottom-up approach suggests a very different way to
classify content. When populating a top-down taxonomy, the
central question is ‘where do I put this?’ but at the heart
of the bottom-up approach is the question ‘how do I
describe this?’”

More: http://www.newarchitectmag.com/documents/s=7733/na1202b/index.html

Email tip
A prompt response to an email inquiry can make the
difference between gaining or waning business.

Don’t give your prospects the chance to lose their initial
enthusiasm for your service or product.

Reply as soon as possible, thank the sender for the
inquiry, reiterate the request, refer to your experience in
the area and, if possible, give something away (a tip or
advice, useful link or contact).

You might not do the deal right now but, as with boomerangs
or recycled rubbish, what you throw out eventually comes
back (good or bad).

More: http://www.brizcomm.com.au/freetips/

Readers write
Remember your first taste of finger-lickin’ chicken, bought
pizza or fried rice? Eating out is in these days, but it
wasn’t always so. Read Pollyanna -

It might be hot Down Under but reader Tina Swift hopes her
special quilt will bring someone some comfort in New York
or Washington DC this winter -

Send your book or movie review (or any other contribution)
to yvette@brizcomm.com.au

More: http://www.brizcomm.com.au/readerswrite/default.asp

The Y Files
Rupert Bergin responds to last week’s question about
website or web site?

Q - ...but can't we talk about this? I think web site looks
odd. Website is not only the natural look but also the way
internet jargon is writ. If you say web site then you do
not say it with a gap betwixt the words. Try it. See? We
all say website. Don't we? Compare the way we say website
with, for example, traffic warden. You can hear the gap.
But you are right; consistency is the key...with diets too.

Send your question to yvette@brizcomm.com.au

More: http://www.brizcomm.com.au/freetips/

Surf Club (web site reviews)
Match Heads
Aptly named sculptor David Mach has been building animal
and human heads out of coloured live matches (not just the
sticks) since 1982. Each sculpture has three lives - the
original head with colour; the performance of burning it
(which you can view online), and the burned head, instantly
aged to a black and white version of the original.
In a net shell: Hot stuff.

If you like doing the quizzes in old magazines while
waiting in the doctor's surgery, you'll love this site. See
the most popular quizzes for the past 24 hours (what's your
writing style, which personality disorder do you have) or
create your own.
In a net shell: Quizzical.

Film Wise
Movie buffs seeking a real challenge should try the quizzes
on Film Wise. For instance, see if you can name the title
of a movie just by seeing a scene - where the people have
been made invisible. Try a Visual Quiz (guess the movie
from a specific visual such as handwritten notes) or take a
text quiz.
In a net shell: Pop(corn) quizzes.

Energy Star Australia
Save electricity costs and the environment with
energy-saving tips from this site. Energy Star is an
international standard for energy-efficient office
equipment. To help the planet - and your bank balance - buy
equipment that complies with the standard (and enable its
features). Your equipment will last longer and the office
will be cooler and quieter. Try the tips and calculator to
see how much you'll save.
In a net shell: Five stars.

Daylight Saving Time in Australia
Check the interactive clock for when you need to meet or
ring someone anywhere Down Under. Daylight saving begins in
Australia first with Tasmanians changing their clock on the
first Sunday in October. Queensland, Western Australia and
the Northern Territory do not observe daylight saving.
Local time in other States/Territory is advanced one hour
when daylight saving starts and put back one hour when it
In a net shell: Border disorder.

Dialtones (A Telesymphony)
One mobile phone ringing is annoying enough but how about a
theatre filled with 200 of them? Sit in on a concert
performed entirely through the ringing of the audience's
mobile phones. The concerts - held in Austria and
Switzerland as electronic performance art - involved the
carefully choreographed dialling and ringing of the
audience's own mobile phones with amazing results.
In a net shell: Art of noise.

More: http://www.brizcomm.com.au/surf/default.asp

Reader choice
Bayside Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Detailed info about traditional Chinese medicine and
acupuncture, with an Australian flavour, is pretty rare on
the web. This site from Bayside Acupuncture & Herbal
Medicine Clinic in Brunswick Heads has lots of info, plus a
secure online store. It's good to see another small
business in regional Australia leading the way in
- submitted by Kerry from Byron Bay

Send a brief review of your favourite site to

More: http://www.brizcomm.com.au/surf/showcategory.asp?categoryid=26

Weekly thought
TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the
letters only on one row of the keyboard.

More: http://www.brizcomm.com.au/freetips/

Need content?
To reproduce any content from brizcomm's newsletter or web
site in your own publication, please
email yvette@brizcomm.com.au

More: http://www.brizcomm.com.au/consulting/

At your service
Need someone to motivate the troops, write or rewrite
content, edit or proofread, critique your own site or
e-newsletter? Email yvette@brizcomm.com.au

Things that make you go huh?
"Yvette, this is the best ebook ever! Oh my God, who
knew??...BTW, I LOVE the virtual autopsy (mystery lover
here...)." - Tina Swift, Library Business Manager and
freelance writer, western Massachusetts.

Ready for some extreme surfing? Want to be titillated,
taunted and tempted?

Buy a copy of Odd Bods - 50 bizarre sites about the human
body and shock your dinner party guests with tales from the
dark side of the Net.

Grab your credit card to pay securely online for instant
access to professionally reviewed sites that could take
years to find among the millions of dead links, scumware
and pop-ups.

Only 9.95 (incl. GST) in Aussie dollars (that's about five
US dollars) - less than a bottle of red wine and the
wicked pleasure will last longer.

Available in .exe format for PCs (.pdf for Macs coming).
Don't worry, we'll tell you how to download it - it's super

Go on, live dangerously and get it while it's hot -


Bobby Approved (v 3.2) Unusual Corporate Gifts other than a Gift Basket

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