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Just when you thought it was safe...


Vol. 3, No. 16, 29/5/2002


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Vol. 3, No. 16 May 29, 2002

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From the editor - Just when you thought it was safe...

Even if you have a back-up hard drive, computer glitches can still wreck
your day.

While ghosting a copy of my hard drive to the back-up drive, something became corrupted. During the Windows repair, something else spat the dummy.


To cut a long story, the newsletter is plain vanilla format again until I get my PC back next week.

I'm trying to stay calm and not worry about all the work mounting up.

After all, computer breakdowns are an occupational hazard for a knowledge worker.

As the ultra-cool Dalai Lama says, if a problem has a solution, don't worry. If the problem has no solution, why worry? In other words, chill out.

I've packed my swag and am heading bush for a few days to try to shake this London head cold in preparation for my cataract operation on Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, please excuse me if I haven't responded to your email or sent something I should have. I'll be back in full force next Wednesday, all going well.

If you're new to the list, you might want to pick up some handy tips in back issues online at -

If you need a giggle, don't miss Pollyanna's column in Readers Write at -

Surf Club web site reviews will be up on the site tomorrow.

Oh, and don't forget the E-newsletter Workshop on June 12-13.

Seeya (hopefully through two eyes) next week.




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