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Warming up in Singapore


Vol. 3, No. 13, 8/5/2002

Vol. 3, No 13...May 8 2002

From the editor - Warming up in Singapore

Sorry for the plain-vanilla version this week. Am travelling sans-laptop overseas so have to resort to plain old text for a couple of weeks. Have included the Surf Club web site reviews but will hold the rest till my return.

Arrived in Singapore late last night en route to London for next week's BBC New Media Editorial Conference.

You have to love this city - so many contrasts between old and new, east and west. The weather, on the other hand, remains remarkably consistent - hot.

Guess you have to expect that, being so close to the Equator. The duty-free gin goes down a treat in the tropics.

Best go - dining out tonight with journo friends Carolyn and Bruce at famous hawker centre Lau Pa Sat (the largest Victorian filigree cast-iron structure in Southeast Asia). You can learn more about Singapore at -

I'll have a chicken satay and icy Tiger beer for you.



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120 Seconds
If you're hungry for bite-sized multimedia entertainment and have a fast connection, spend some time at Canadian site 120seconds.com. View a day in the life of a piece of gum or hot skateboarding action, listen to musical features with wild graphics, Flash-toons, experimental performances, true stories, freaks, fiction and beats. If it's all too much, choose a guide or see the top 5.
In a netshell: Clips worth claps.

Corporate Watch
"The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses." So opens this radical research and publishing group based in Oxford, UK. Corporate Watch is committed to "ending the ecological and social destruction wrought by the corporate profit motive". You can investigate industries from arms to utilities, learn how to research companies, or mount a campaign.
In a netshell: Watch it.

Cut Off My Feet
An animation of a guy dropping a guillotine on his feet is the introduction to this bizarre site. Paul "Freck" Morgan, 33, wants you to pay money to watch him cut off his feet live over the web. Paul's feet were paralysed when he was run over by a boat trailer in 1986. He hopes this drastic event will pay for his prosthetics and highlight what he sees as alack of care in the medical field and insurance industry.
In a netshell: Believe it or not.

Dr Spock.com
Generations of adults owe their upbringings to Dr Spock (Benjamin, that is, not the pointy-eared sci-fi character). Latchkey kids, discipline, toilet training, parent sexuality, pregnancy and ADHD are among topics tackled. World-famous paediatrician, political activist and Olympic gold medallist Dr Spock wrote the 1946 book, "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care", which is second in sales only to the Bible. He died in 1998 but his legacy lives on.
In a netshell: The parent's friend.

PopCap Games
Play free and easy Java-based games, from the Mummy Maze to the Diamond Mine, in your web browser. The games load in seconds even on a slow connection and you don't need any downloads or plug-ins. If you prefer, you can download the games with enhanced graphics, music and special features to play offline on your PC or Palm-compatible PDA.
In a netshell: Colourful.

Travel Intelligence
If you like to go somewhere on the recommendation of a friend rather than being sold on a deal, this London-based site's for you. Be inspired, entertained and moved by crisp, quality writing from some of the world's best travel writers. Choose a topic by activity, culture, location or theme. Don't miss the "before you die" pages for delicious verbal snapshots from across the globe.
In a netshell: Smart.

Au revoir (I'm practising my French for a brief stopover in Paris on Friday morning).




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