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California Dreamin'


Vol. 2, No. 20, 6/6/2001


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Vol. 2, No. 20 California Dreamin’ June 6, 2001

Yvette Nielsen, Editor, yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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Numbers might be down at this year’s Internet Content East conference here
in Los Angeles but the enthusiasm for the future is high.

Far from spelling the end of the Internet, the bursting of the
over-inflated tech stocks bubble 18 months ago was good news for the

That’s the consensus among speakers and attendees - the
tech-wreck/dotcom-bomb/IT shakeout has been a healthy purge.

Those who’ve survived are passionate about the new media, treat their
business seriously, put the customer first and have realistic
expectations (ie they don’t expect to become millionaires overnight).

Despite ongoing staff layoffs, former dotcom content creators and
providers are hanging in there, many supplementing their incomes with work
in the corporate sector or traditional media.

A lot of the dotbombs were award-winning sites but classic cases of more
style than substance and/or no business model.

Powerful keynote speaker Ted Leonsis, of AOL, said we must follow the
consumers, not the financial markets, for direction.

Ted reckons the Net and e-commerce boom is just beginning and we’re
entering a third wave – which he predicts will be a tsunami.

“Some of the best times to make a fortune are when the others have
run away,” he said at the opening of the conference yesterday.

The keys are a solid business model, multiple revenue streams,
connectivity and community, and convergence of different media as
bandwidth improves and new portable, wireless devices emerge.

After I return to Australia, I’ll write up a full report of Ted’s address,
which included an entertaining account of great episodes in cyber history
(eg “What were we thinking?” in the late nineties), lessons learned and
the future.

I’ll also share a few tips from other sessions at the conference on:

* how to make a living in the changing online content world
* generating content for generation Y
* how to get readers to pay (free to fee)
* B2B and P2P
* syndication (the pros and cons)

One of the most heated panel sessions featured Danni Ashe, the
founder of porn site Danni’s Hard Drive, versus the publisher of
Salon.com, Scott Moore.

Danni attributed the success of her site to the obvious (sex sells),
a massive audience, unique content and relatively low overheads.

Scott, on the other hand, believes the subscription model will not
work for content other than porn, financial services or consumer
reports, ideally paid for through a micropayment system.

Don’t have time to tell you more right now – e-newsletter session
about to start and these Net-connected terminals are in great demand.

Newsletter will return to usual format next week when I’m back Down



PS In the meantime, you can read the Hollywood Reporter’s coverage at:

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