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Content is still queen, 13/3/2007current newsletter
Gifts for the planet, 5/12/2006
Health and the Internet, 28/10/2005
Net helps bridge global divide, 13/9/2005
How to find your authentic voice, 28/7/2005
When to call for help, 9/6/2005
An easy way to build a web site, 27/4/2005
Let go, let it flow, 24/2/2005
The Net does not forget, 3/2/2005
Be mindful, not mind-full, 18/11/2004
How to click with your visitors, 14/10/2004
Compelling content wanted, 16/9/2004
Back with a vengeance, 26/8/2004
Lost in a masquerade, 10/9/2003
Stealing time, 27/8/2003
Back on track, 30/7/2003
Northern exposure, 2/7/2003
Take the plunge, 18/6/2003
Network for Net work, 4/6/2003
Content at last, 21/5/2003
Your last weekly newsletter, 30/4/2003
Time for a break, 16/4/2003
The secret to happiness, 9/4/2003
The week ends when?, 2/4/2003
Honesty is best policy, 26/3/2003
Stupidity on a global scale, 19/3/2003
A world without wires, 12/3/2003
Flying high, 5/3/2003
Time for a global sea change, 26/2/2003
Signs of the times, 19/2/2003
Why is software so hard?, 12/2/2003
Spot the rot in corporate-speak, 5/2/2003
Eleven months to go, 29/1/2003
See you next year, 18/12/2002
Counting the days, 11/12/2002
Silly season, 6/12/2002
Working capital, 27/11/2002
Have mouse, will travel, 20/11/2002
Do what you do, do well, 13/11/2002
We're one smart community, 6/11/2002
Why do you bother?, 30/10/2002
Change the headlines, 23/10/2002
End of innocence, 16/10/2002
Money for nothing, 9/10/2002
What are you worth?, 2/10/2002
A right to write, 25/9/2002
The good, bad and ugly, 18/9/2002
The day we got the Net, 11/9/2002
Tell the telcos where to go, 4/9/2002
Caught in a trap, 28/8/2002
Back up (or bye-bye data), 21/8/2002
A cyberspace oddity , 14/8/2002
We need standards online, 7/8/2002
New look, new tool, 31/7/2002
And the survey says..., 24/7/2002
What you don't know could hurt you, 17/7/2002
Forget job titles...do you have the skills?, 10/7/2002
Do you really need a web site?, 3/7/2002
Another year ends down under, 26/6/2002
More trial than error, 19/6/2002
Climb aboard the broadband bus , 12/6/2002
Humans vs computers, 5/6/2002
Just when you thought it was safe..., 29/5/2002
Where's the Tardis when you need it?, 22/5/2002
London calling, 15/5/2002
Warming up in Singapore, 8/5/2002
Warm words are reward enough, 1/5/2002
Short and sweet, 24/4/2002
Sydney, London, Hong Kong calling, 17/4/2002
On the cyber road again, 10/4/2002
Count on what you know, not your years, 27/3/2002
Sore eyes, sharks and Sydney, 20/3/2002
You gotta laugh, 13/3/2002
Customer service staff needs support, 6/3/2002
Crossed wires lead to cross readers, 27/2/2002
Ethics separate the pros from the cons, 20/2/2002
Screensaver helps clear writer's block, 13/2/2002
Good to see you again, 6/2/2002
'Tis the season to be jolly well thankful, 12/12/2001
Hang in there, dotcoms, 5/12/2001
You don't need a press to publish, 28/11/2001
Scrooge alive and well in dead tree media, 21/11/2001
Join the content club, 14/11/2001
Identity crisis, 7/11/2001
Straight to the point, 24/10/2001
Now is the winter of our discontent, 17/10/2001
Challenges for new technology, 10/10/2001
Technical difficulties, 3/10/2001
Better to be safe, 26/9/2001
One week on, 19/9/2001
When words fail, 12/9/2001
How to avoid information overload, 5/9/2001
Move over dinosaurs, we're here to stay, 29/8/2001
Thumbs up for our new look, 22/8/2001
How do you like the new look?, 15/8/2001
A question for you, 8/8/2001
Watch out: The worm will turn, 1/8/2001
ISPs should pay for content, 25/7/2001
How to syndicate your content, 18/7/2001
A matter of trust, 11/7/2001
Independence: the road to freedom , 4/7/2001
Reflections on a life , 27/6/2001
TV and Net to wed?, 20/6/2001
The future for content, 13/6/2001
California Dreamin', 6/6/2001
Surfin' USA, 30/5/2001
Content: they just don't get it, 23/5/2001
Look on the bright side, 16/5/2001
May daze, 9/5/2001
532 and counting, 2/5/2001
Peace, 25/4/2001
Hungry for feedback, 18/4/2001
Ears to Easter, 11/4/2001
New site sees light of day, 4/4/2001
New home, new home page, 28/3/2001
Little fish take on BigPond, 21/3/2001
ISPs: Why are we waiting?, 14/3/2001
Lifelong learning, 7/3/2001
Hot news from the tropics, 28/2/2001
Easy dot.com come, easy dot.com go, 21/2/2001
Have a Virus-free Valentine's, 14/2/2001
What's in a domain name?, 7/2/2001
Time to regroup, 31/1/2001
Enter the Year of the Snake, 24/1/2001
It's a wrap, 13/12/2000
Raising the benchmark, 6/12/2000
Bad air days, 29/11/2000
Heart and Seoul, 15/11/2000
Words with style, 8/11/2000
In a perfect world, 1/11/2000
The right to write, 25/10/2000
Rock 'n' roles, 18/10/2000
Time poor, information rich, 11/10/2000
Unsung heroes, 4/10/2000
Olympic castaways, 27/9/2000
Image is everything (not), 20/9/2000
Going for gold, 13/9/2000
Girls, get with IT, 6/9/2000
Come fly with me, 30/8/2000
Clear career choice, 23/8/2000
Happy Ekka Day, 16/8/2000
Just a quickie, 9/8/2000
Tech pain in the neck, 2/8/2000
Potato heads, 26/7/2000
Halfway there, 19/7/2000
From the home front, 12/7/2000
Singapore slingbacks II, 5/7/2000
Singapore slingbacks, 28/6/2000
One year on and counting, 21/6/2000
Flames and four-letter words, 14/6/2000
Life in the jungle, 7/6/2000
Writers' rates rise, 31/5/2000
Are you cut out for content?, 24/5/2000
The best things in life are free, 17/5/2000
Viruses and other bugbears, 10/5/2000
Why words beat numbers, 3/5/2000
Gauge your Net worth, 26/4/2000
Where to woo web work, 19/4/2000
Eye on Brisbane, 12/4/2000
Money for nothing, 5/4/2000
April Fool, 29/3/2000
Awards, jobs and monster portal, 22/3/2000
From the mouths of babes, 15/3/2000
Happy International Women's Day, 8/3/2000
First Day of Autumn, 1/3/2000
Colour Your Week, 23/2/2000
Workshop till you Drop, 16/2/2000
Off The Rails, 9/2/2000
Back to the real world, 2/2/2000
Happy Australia Day (and brizcomm birthday), 26/1/2000

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